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Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker: Pros and Cons of Their Retirement

Posted by Wrestling Uncovered On July - 4 - 2009

I recently was reminded that two of the greatest wrestlers that ever graced a wrestling ring would possibly be retiring next year.

It was something I had been striving to forget, and not news that I recalled wholeheartedly as both have entertained me throughout my entire life as a wrestling fan.

Warranted I know that these are mostly rumors but both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are getting older and its inevitable that will retire, if not next year then surely the year after, and I came to remember that denial was no way to live as I have repeatedly reminded others.

As such I began to think are there any positives to this event that will titanically change the face of wrestling today? I did actually manage to come up with some and I also came up with a number of negatives. I now present them to you.



1) Two top spots open

With the two legends in the making leaving, there will be two open spots in the main event scene which will surely be taken up by two wrestlers that are in the mid-card right now, or any wrestlers that may be brought in the next two years.

The push would be available for those WWE deems worthy to receive it.

These spots can be taken by anyone and I do mean anyone. People that are begging to see Morrison, Swagger, or even Sheamus get a top spot might see it happen sooner than they may think.

Michaels and Taker retiring may be the final opportunity they need. It will also guarantee one extra match at Wrestlemania that will take the place of the match The Undertaker always has.


2) Mid-carders step it up

I daresay that this climatic event in wrestling should inspire all mid-carders in the WWE to step it up. This is due mainly to No. 1, no hoping a spot will open for them because there will be spots open.

If every mid-carder we got going right now were to step it up on the mic and in the ring, that would indeed make for some awesome television.

That is not to say that there aren’t some mid-carders stepping it up already. Zack Ryder has definitely kicked it into high gear. Morrison and Swagger have as well.


3) More Airtime Available

We all know it to be true WWE takes care of their golden boys and Undertaker and Micheals are no exception.

When Taker is actually on Smackdown, his rivalries are put in the spotlight, sometimes actually surpassing whatever feud is going on for the World title.

The time used in his entrance alone could be used for a promo or interview to build a new wrestler. This might give some of the guys a chance to show their stuff.

Shawn Michaels spends a good deal of time in the spotlight. He is after all The showstopper, the heartbreak kid, and Mr. Wrestlemania. He definitely deserves that spotlight, there is no disputing that. However when he is gone from that spotlight, there will be plenty of room for others to get their spotlight.



1) Loss of two big draws

To put it simply Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker put people’s butts in seats. They are easily two of the WWE’s top draws.

The Undertaker is what someone here recently described as a mega-face. I think at this point he might even be able to turn Jeff Hardy into a heel.

When he makes his “Rare Appearances,” it’s always something special. In fact, the first Smackdown event I ever attended, the Undertaker was tagging with Kane in the main event.

Shawn Michaels is just one of those guys that no matter what he does, or what he is doing, there is still one fan that will cheer him. Case in point, after the Montreal Screwjob, my aunt was cheering for Michaels. (For those that don’t know me is to Bret Hart as Ryan Michael is to Randy Orton, just imagine how awkward those dinner conversations are.)

Furthermore, they can both still hold up in the ring, if you need proof of that, I highly advise you to watch their match at Wrestlemania 25 again which was epic greatness.


2) Loss of Mentorship for Mid-carders

As I have said before both Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker can it hold up in the ring and when they leave it should encourage all Mid-carders to step it up a notch.

However there is one important note, both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have the uncanny ability to make mid-carders look good in the ring.

It is well known if the WWE wants to make a new guy look good, he is often put up against the Undertaker, whom helps the young talent get over as much as possible.

Shawn Michaels has the same ability; it just isn’t used very often. He has had some really great matches with mid-card talent in the past. That being said, Michaels vs. MVP would equal awesome.


3) Loss of Great Feuds

There really is no disputing it; both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have been involved in some truly classic feuds throughout their careers.

They can both basically carry a rivalry with a lower level star and with a solid competitor, they can have a truly great feud.

However with their imminent retirement, a number of potentially classic feuds and rivalries, such as Shawn Michaels vs. John Morrison and The Undertaker vs. Jack Swagger, fall into the abyss of dreams.

The fact that they have barely a year or so left makes it seems even less likely that these storylines will occur.

With all this being said, their day of retirement is not here yet. We still have a little while with these great competitors. We should enjoy it while we have it because our time with them is rapidly dwindling.

The day that they do retire will be a sad day in the world of sports entertainment and one this writer watches approach with a heavy heart.

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