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Archive for February, 2011

Nobody is perfect; this is one thing that is certainly true. No one will ever be perfect. If everything and everyone was perfect, the whole world would be well...pretty boring to be honest. When it comes to entertainment, though, we as fans want to see the best quality product possible. This is what entertainment is for, to appeal to the fans around the world. Pro wrestling is one of the best outlets for entertainment. Why? You get comedy, action and drama all mixed into one and even more. Wrestling brings excitement and sometimes sad moments. It covers all aspects of ...

WWE RAW Results, Questions and Comments… LIVE! (2/28/2011)

Posted by Rob Belote On February - 28 - 2011
Tonight's episode of RAW finds us with five episodes of the Monday WWE program remaining prior to Wrestlemania and there's quite a bit to wonder about before the big event.Will The Rock show up and answer to John Cena and/or The Miz?  He kicked off the heat between the trio prior to Elimination Chamber and now that both guys competing in RAW's World Title match at Wrestlemania have answered the gauntlet, are we going to hear more from The Great One?The Undertaker is said to be returning to Smackdown this week, so he won't likely be in attendance at RAW ...

Squared Circle: WWE Diva Search: Do We Really Need Another One?

Posted by Max Wake On February - 28 - 2011
Not long after I finished my slide show on Tough Enough and announced its follow up on the WWE Diva Search, it was announced that another group of women are going to compete for a contract to be the next WWE Diva.I really don't get it. Personally I think the show should stay dead and buried. WWE needs to improve their women's division quite drastically, and having some more models that don't know a thing about handling themselves in the ring is just going to make things worse.You can probably pinpoint the Divas Division of WWE declining in relation to ...

WWE: IWC…What Are Your All-Time Favorite WrestleMania Moments? (Part 1)

Posted by David Rutter On February - 28 - 2011
This is the fourth (and final) part “IWC Votes."  The first part was “Who Are Your Top 5 Favorite Wrestlers of All Time?” Here are the results  The Second Part was “Tell Me Who You Think Are the Best Wrestlers of All Time." Those results will be available tomorrow afternoon.  The third part is “The Best and Worst of The Undertaker.” Voting still going on  This final installment is called “Favorite Mania Moments." Tell me what your favorite WrestleMania moments are! Was it a match? Was it a promo? How about a surprise appearance? It can be anything!   If ...

The First Time Ever: Moments That Happened at WrestleMania

Posted by Sumz On February - 28 - 2011
In the past, WrestleMania has showed the fans many great moments in professional wrestling.  Whether it be Shawn Michaels vs. Bret "The Hitman" Hart, or "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. The Rock, the fans were never disappointed.Here is a list of those moments that only happened at WrestleMania or happened at WrestleMania for the very first time.Begin Slideshow

WWE Divas: The 25 Hottest Photos of Beth Phoenix

Posted by Dan Power On February - 28 - 2011
Beth Phoenix is my favorite Diva of all-time. She is also the kind of woman I like; she doesn't look skinny and she looks actually healthy. For me, she is the prototype of the modern day's Divas.She has a perfect balance between beauty and strength. She is a true powerhouse and, with her amateur wrestling background, she possesses amazing in-ring skills. The Glamazon is a three-time Women's Champion and she held the title for a total of 367 days. In 2010, she became the second woman to enter the Royal Rumble match and the first ever to eliminate a wrestler. But you're ...

WrestleMania 27: Why Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole Should Not Wrestle

Posted by Jack Windham On February - 28 - 2011
Michael Cole should not have a match wrestling at Wrestlemania. With the way things are going right now, it looks like WWE is heading down a path where we're going to see two of their commentators being booked against one another at the biggest wrestling event of the year. Jerry Lawler is finally going to get his revenge against the play-by-play announcer that he has been sitting with for quite a while now. Cole vs Lawler. That's a match that should certainly not be on the card. There's nothing wrong with booking Lawler for the show. It's a feel-good moment for him to finally get ...

Madison Rayne: The Queen of TNA’s Hogan-Bischoff Regime

Posted by Amsterdam On February - 28 - 2011
Let me start of by saying that I am not the biggest fan of TNA. As a matter of fact, I'm hardly a fan at all. Not only do I find the current product of Total NonStop Action Wrestling to be, for the most part, far inferior to World Wrestling Entertainment, but I also believe that the company itself is a sinking ship that cannot be saved. In midist of that sinking ship, however, are two well-peserved lifeboats that have kept the company from meeting its eventual demise on a much sooner date. The two lifeboats I'm talking about are TNA's tag team ...

TNA Is Ignoring Talent and Championship Matches Are Paying the Price

Posted by Anthony Petronzio On February - 28 - 2011
Mr. Anderson in a world title match is a sight that TNA fans know too well. He had a title shot at Victory Road in July that he lost. He got his shot at Genesis in which he was victorious. Naturally, that was followed by a defense at Against All Odds this past February, which he lost. At Last Impact, he defeated Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam—both former champions—to set himself in line for another shot at the title. Even when he doesn't get the title match, Mr. Anderson comes very close, as was the case at 2010's Against All Odds pay-per-view ...

WWE WrestleMania 27: The Rock to Respond to John Cena on Raw?

Posted by Fatboy Slim On February - 27 - 2011
Hey Bleachers, hope you all had a great weekend. Some interesting news coming out today. John Cena has posted on his Twitter ( a message that may indicate another appearance by the Rock tomorrow night on RAW. Here is the message: "CeNation. Just got back from south america. Holy casserole it was magical. I heard a rumor that the rocks camp was pretty peeved at.... What I said on mon. I think he may have something planned for tomorrow. I can not wait. Ps..miz yer still a dauwsh. :)" Cena's poor spelling aside (which he notes to "trying to not swear ...