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Archive for December, 2011

WWE: Looking at the Zack Ryder Revolution

Posted by Pavitar Sidhu On December - 17 - 2011
There was a point when Zack Ryder was practically waiting to be released by WWE, but things took a drastic turn, and he now finds himself as one of the focal points of the show.What happened?In May 2007 Zack Ryder debuted as part of the Major Brothers tag team, and went on to be part of La Familia. Once La Familia disbanded, and Ryder was drafted to ECW, he had a generic character and faded into obscurity.Fast forward to today, Ryder is one of the most popular stars on the roster and is making regular appearances on Raw.So what exactly happened?It’s ...

WWE: 8 Diva Pushes That Failed Miserably

Posted by Sharon Glencross On December - 17 - 2011
Not every woman in WWE can be Trish Stratus. Trish, as most will remember, joined WWE in 2000 as an inexperienced model and, over the years evolved into one of the best all-round performers that the company had.Alas, in their desperation to create the next Trish-like female star WWE management have pushed some rather questionable female talent over the last few years...often with disastrous and hilarious results.With this in mind, here is a list of eight divas that WWE brass deemed worthy of a push at one time or another...but in hindsight really needn't have bothered.Begin Slideshow

WWE TLC 2011: 10 Matches We Should See at Tables, Ladders and Chairs

Posted by Graham 'GSM' Matthews On December - 17 - 2011
This Sunday, WWE presents its third annual TLC pay-per-view live from Baltimore, Md., in what will be the company's final pay-per-view of 2011. As of now, only six matches are advertised, with four of them being contested for a title and John Cena shockingly not included in any of them.As of this writing, there has been no confirmation that the 10-time WWE Champion will be present at the show tomorrow night, but rather strong speculation amongst the IWC that he will be.Nonetheless, WWE has done a decent job in recent weeks in making this feel like an exciting pay-per-view, despite ...

WWE TLC 2011: Wade Barrett Must Defeat Randy Orton in Tables Match

Posted by Michael Dixon On December - 17 - 2011
If the WWE is interested in building a new star, they need to have Wade Barrett cleanly go over Randy Orton on Sunday. Clean is a relative term when you're talking about a Tables Match, but there can't be any doubt that Barrett deserved the win. No outside interference, no flukes, just a clear win from Barrett.Barrett's been built up strong recently, which is best exhibited by the fact that he's in a program with a star like Randy Orton. Having him sacrificed against Orton would be completely pointless, especially since Orton doesn't need the win. Orton can go on a 10-match losing ...

Masked Kane: Is His Resurrection a Signal for Change or More of the Same?

Posted by Hamster Enigma On December - 17 - 2011
At the Slammy Awards show on Monday Night Raw, we all witnessed the apparent resurrection of the "Big Red Monster" Kane. He came back with his mask and chokeslammed the face of the company, John Cena.But because he stood on top at the end of the show over the main face of the company, many speculated a return to dominance for the Big Red Machine. The mask didn't do anything to prevent that thought from happening as well.People immediately thought that since Kane dominated John Cena, he may have either a) turned full-fledged heel and would dominate the scene starting with ...

WWE TLC 2011: Which Match Will Steal the Show?

Posted by Mike Chiari On December - 17 - 2011
WWE's TLC pay-per-view looks to have a very solid card in place, but one match in particular looks as if it will rise above the rest.That match is the triple-threat TLC match for the WWE Championship between CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. Seeing as the entire basis of the pay-per-view is the tables, ladders and chairs match, it only makes sense for it to be the headliner.While Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett and Triple H vs. Kevin Nash should all be good in their own right, none of them will hold a ...

Realism in Pro Wrestling: A Change of Heart, or the Babyface-Heel Dilemma

Posted by Kaizar Cantu On December - 17 - 2011
This is the second article of a series dubbed “Realism in Pro Wrestling” in which the appropriate use of storytelling devices in professional wrestling will be put into consideration. The concept “realism” will be handled here as a synonym of congruency and consistency in the narrative. I recommend you to consult the opening segment (text in italics) of the first article for a wider understanding of what lies behind the series. Once more, I encourage readers, especially wrestling historians and “scholars”, to share cases outside of professional wrestling’s mainstream contemporary landscape. *** Watch this match. Through actions, technique and ...

WWE: 7 Reasons Why CM Punk vs. John Cena Should Not Happen Right Now

Posted by Anthony Vitale On December - 17 - 2011
This past summer, John Cena and CM Punk faced off against each other in what was two epic singles matches.While many fans thought that their feud could continue longer, it was rushed by WWE creative, and CM Punk was placed into a feud with Triple H.The feud between CM Punk and John Cena could and should happen in the future, but I think the WWE should wait a bit.Today, I am going to list seven reasons why. This list is based on current WWE story lines and the product as a whole.Begin Slideshow
For the third straight pay-per-view, Mark Henry will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Big Show at TLC. The matches have generally been boring, and this likely will be no exception, but an appearance from Kane can make it all worth it. Kane made his much-anticipated return on Monday as he interfered in a match between Henry and John Cena on RAW. There had been many promos hyping Kane's return in the preceding weeks and because of the involvement of a mask in these promos, many fans were excited to see him return. Since ditching the mask in 2003, Kane ...

WWE: 20 Modern WWE Stars and Their Legendary Counterpart

Posted by Kevin Berge On December - 17 - 2011
Lately, there has been a lot of talk about comparing former and current stars.In fact, CM Punk lately has been compared to many other stars as if he were just an evolved version of these former performers.There are no shortage of ideas by people about who is who from the past.I suppose I am here to just put my hat in the table by saying that these comparisons are a bit unfounded.Yes, many stars have some characteristics of older stars, but that does not mean that they are just WWE's version of that star in modern WWE.Each of these athletes ...