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Archive for August, 2012

Flying Raw Back to America Is a Bad Decision for WWE Fans

Posted by Cardiff Wanderer On August - 31 - 2012
The stars of Monday Night Raw are currently on a short three-date tour of Australia before flying back to the United States to film WWE's flagship show in Chicago. That episode of Raw is almost guaranteed to be poor. First, the wrestlers will be fatigued from traveling, and secondly, WWE's creative team will try to lessen the risk—created by tiredness—of unnecessary injuries by booking short and simple matches. The time will be filled with unwieldy promos, video packages and social media messages to try and hide the lack of wrestling from the viewers at home. Everyone will leave the experience ...

TNA Ratings News: Impact! Wrestling Sees Viewership Slide

Posted by Daniel Peragine On August - 31 - 2012
TNA looked to continue its ratings momentum on this past Thursday's edition of Impact! Wrestling, but faced some tough cable television competition.Unfortunately, the tough competition held back Impact! Wrestling success in that regard.The Thursday, Aug. 30 edition of Impact! Wrestling saw a drop in viewership (via TV By the Numbers).Overall on Thursday night, Impact! Wrestling had 1.41 million viewers, down from last week's highest rated live summer program. In the Adults 18-49 category, Impact! posted a 0.5 ratings share and slipped in the Top 50 Cable Television rankings. My take on the ratings slide:There could be a few reasons why TNA struggled ...

WWE: Can Sheamus Realistically Be WWE’s Next John Cena?

Posted by Erik Beaston On August - 31 - 2012
In recent months, World Wrestling Entertainment has attempted to create in it's World Champion, Sheamus, a babyface character they hope can carry the brand just as John Cena has for the last seven months. While the Celtic Warrior is very popular with the WWE Universe, it remains to be seen if he can truly live up to the high expectations set for him. Sheamus' in-ring skills have improved ten-fold since he debuted on the WWE's main roster in 2009. He is a bona-fide main event talent and a worker capable of backing up his spot on the card. Matches with ...

WWE: 5 Reasons WrestleMania Should Be a 2-Day Event

Posted by Jeremiah Allan On August - 31 - 2012
More than any sports organization or marquee event, more than the NFL and Super Bowl or MLB and the World Series, WWE is under pressure to make each year's WrestleMania bigger than the last.Sports fans can forgive a bad Super Bowl because the game played like the game played. They got what they got. Wrestling fans, on the other hand, know about scripting and choreography and continue to demand more and more from subsequent WrestleMania events.To their credit, WWE puts a metric ton of effort into making WrestleMania a kind of "Wrestling Christmas."They added an extra hour to the pay-per-view, a ...

Mr. Kennedy: WWE’s Biggest Star Who Never Reached Full Potential

Posted by Justin LaBar On August - 31 - 2012
There was never bigger investment that didn't get to reach its full potential than WWE's Mr. Kennedy character. From the moment he debuted, the character stood out. He did his own ring entrance with his own microphone coming down from the ceiling—a stand-out look  with short bleach blonde hair and constant smirk. When it came time for the match, he had a realistic ability to sell. Mr. Kennedy made his matches in a “fake fight” look logical. He didn't just go through the routine motions in a wrestling match―he made his struggle look legitimate. His matches would have a very ...

WWE Forgotten Futures: 15 Superstars Who Had Major Potential

Posted by Graham 'GSM' Matthews On August - 31 - 2012
For over a year now, I've been producing a weekly column here on Bleacher Report entitled WWE's Pushed to Punished, where I've targeted and analyzed the pro wrestling careers for past and present employees such as The Miz, Elijah Burke, Mr. Kennedy and even Bobby Lashley. After publishing a total of 15 editions since March of last year, this slideshow will recap each edition leading up to the column's re-debut this upcoming Saturday. This time around, this class of fifteen Superstars were tremendous athletes in my mind, but were never able to go full circle in either getting to or maintaining a top level spot in ...

WWE: 10 Highlights of 10 Years Ago

Posted by Chris Featherstone On August - 28 - 2012
2002—one of the successful years in recent WWE history. Returns, debuts, and history-making matches.Still feeling the aftermath of Vince McMahon purchasing WCW in 2001, there were many moments that avid wrestling fans would have never imagined. Eric Bischoff in a WWE ring? Better yet, a general manager? Who would have imagined?Due to the thick roster—as a result of the purchase—McMahon thought it would be a good idea to have both Raw and Smackdown be exclusive shows. Thus, commencing the formation of the "brand split."The "Big Gold Belt" being a main title in the WWE was also a shock. Being such ...

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Announces He’ll Make WWE Return at WrestleMania 29

Posted by Richard Langford On August - 28 - 2012
Floyd Mayweather Jr. likes money, and the WWE likes bringing in stars from outside its company to raise its profile, so it is no surprise that the undefeated boxing champ is set to make his return to the wrestling ring for WrestleMania 29 next April at the 80,000-plus capacity MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.This is according to Mayweather himself. Money was on with New York radio host Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 when he dropped the news. Conveniently, this radio interview has been captured on video for all eternity. As Mayweather eludes to, this will not be his first rodeo with the WWE. He ...

WWE: Ranking the 6 Best and Worst Talkers in the WWE

Posted by Max Towle On August - 28 - 2012
The WWE is currently graced with some fast-talking, charismatic personalities...and some not so fast-talking, charismatic personalities. This article will seek to rank the six best talkers in the company, and the six worst, pulling no punches in the process. With the exception of The Rock, Undertaker and Triple H, the following superstars are from the current WWE roster only. Whether you agree on not, make sure to sound off below with your thoughts.Begin Slideshow
"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We're so glad you could attend"-We are LIVE from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (home of fat men and even fatter women)-A recap video summarizes the whole John Cena – CM Punk deal from last week. It all ends with Punk kicking Jerry Lawler in the head which would be fine if he already didn't get beat up by a heel every six months or so.-So Lawler hits the ring and demands an apology from CM Punk but Punk hits the ring and reminds everyone that King disrespected ...