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Archive for August, 2011

WWE: Draft That Would Shake Up the Rosters Rounds 1-9

Posted by Ross Bentley On August - 20 - 2011
The WWE rosters need a shake up. The RAW roster has an overload of (in my opinion) main event superstars, while the Smackdown one seems to be lacking. COO Triple H has used a lot of cross promotion between the rosters since he took over, but the fact is if the rosters were more balanced then this would not be necessary because Smackdown would be able to hold its own without having to have ADR, R-Truth or John Morisson cross over and appear on both shows.Having a complete new draft would not only change the rosters, but it would allow each superstar ...

Matt Hardy FIRED from TNA Wrestling

Posted by Justin Watry On August - 20 - 2011
Now, I am not a saint. I make mistakes, and I am in no way "straight edge." However, some can take it over the line, and yes, the Hardy Boys have crossed that line on more than one occasion. That brings us to this breaking story—Matt Hardy arrested for a DWI in his home state today. Wow! Color me surprised! Of course, Matt is currently sitting on a suspension from TNA (reportedly due to showing up late repeatedly). Like his brother, Matt just can't seem to catch a break (mostly his own fault). This is not going to be a "bashing article," but is will tie ...

WWE: What Is in Store for Christian Once He Returns to Smackdown?

Posted by Kevin Stonebarger On August - 20 - 2011
Ladies and gentlemen, I am back from my lengthy hiatus, which can be contributed to distractions, laziness, lack of inspiration and some time away from my computer. But for all my loyal fans, the wait is finally over—I am back.Now we are coming off the heels of what I believe to be an awesome SummerSlam PPV. All the matches were from decent to just plain awesome, and the unpredictable ending to the PPV, while initially angering me because Punk lost his title, has kept the momentum of WWE going when it comes to unpredictability.Many people have been giving out their ...

WWE News: Matt Hardy Arrested and Released from TNA

Posted by Sharon Glencross On August - 20 - 2011
TMZ are reporting that Matt Hardy (currently under suspension from TNA) was arrested earlier today in North Carolina for DWI: Wrestling superstar Matt Hardy was arrested in North Carolina today for suspicion of driving while intoxicated ... TMZ has learned. According to the Moore County Jail, Hardy was busted this afternoon by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol and released around 7:00 PM ET. Hardy is currently part of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, but made his name in the WWE. According to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, a trooper discovered Hardy after his 2009 Corvette ran off the road and struck a tree. Hardy was ...

WWE Smackdown: 5 Thoughts About Friday Night’s Show

Posted by Sean O'Neil On August - 20 - 2011
This week's Smackdown was an eventful one, which included the announcement of a new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, the arrival of the WWE Champion, and the disappearance of a past champion.Some parts of the evening were done well, some were done poorly, and several questions were raised. Here are five thoughts that I had about the event. Begin Slideshow

WWE SmackDown Recap: 10 Biggest Moments from Last Night

Posted by Daniel Massey On August - 20 - 2011
Hello folks! Well, it has been another explosive week in the world of WWE, and SmackDown was no exception. Having to compete against Raw was no easy task, but they definitely pulled it off, presenting an excellent post-SummerSlam show. A lot happened in last night’s show, and I have made a slideshow of the 10 biggest moments! So, as per usual, sit back, relax and enjoy the read!Begin Slideshow
Kevin Nash is officially back in the WWE after a seven-month hiatus from his brief yet shocking appearance at the Royal Rumble.Nash returned at SummerSlam to cost CM Punk the WWE title by giving him his trademark jackknife power-bomb in the middle of the ring during Punk's post-match celebration.The two had a confrontation the next night on Raw, which left fans guessing even more as to what direction this feud will go in.In the next few slides I will attempt find out which appearance the fans believe will work best for the man known as "Big Sexy."Nash has had nearly ...
"This title means so much more." "It means this guy is next in line."   Those were the words spoken by Cody Rhodes after he won the Intercontinental Championship.He had received the title after defeating the former champion, Ezekiel Jackson.The statement that Cody Rhodes made was out of pure respect.He had watched as the Intercontinental Championship became devalued with each passing year in its existence.He had watched as it went from the belt that made the next star, to a belt that was just given for decoration.So when he won the belt, he had one intention in mind."I want to resurrect this title's ...

WWE Fact: Mark Henry Is Better Than Christian on WWE TV

Posted by Justin Watry On August - 20 - 2011
A few things: Yes, I used the word "fact" for an opinion piece (again). Yes, I meant the title to be used for right now. Not career. Not decade, right now. The uproar over Christian losing the title at SummerSlam, then not getting a rematch and not even being featured on SmackDown is not surprising. The "Christian Crew" has been very loyal since day one (to a fault), so I expected them to be all "up in arms" over the latest storyline. My question is why? Christian just had his best run in WWE history on top of the card at multiple ...

WWE: 10 Superstars and Their Hollywood Counterparts

Posted by Brent Turner On August - 20 - 2011
This is intended just to be a fun article without a lot of analysis and explanation.  Sitting around on a boring Saturday, I tried to think about if these superstars went to Hollywood, which celebrity would they most resemble?  This isn't a physical resemblance, but rather a career resemblance and the explanation as to why I think they are a certain celebrity.  I know some of the wrestlers have made movies and other television appearances, but this is just one man's opinion.  As always, leave your opinions, and if you feel I mismatched on the celebrity, let me know. Begin Slideshow