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WrestleMania 27: My Real-Life Wrestling Predictions

Posted by Anakin Cane On April - 3 - 2011
Well, WrestleMania is less than 26 hours away. Let me put together some last-minute predictions for the show. These predictions are based on wrestling not being predetermined. Edge vs. Albert del RioThough Albert del Rio is a veteran in Mexico and has adapted well to the American style, Edge, being the ultimate opportunist seems to be the pick in this one.Look for the green-eyed monster to turn its ugly head. Christian will cost his former partner the World title, thus setting up a three-way dance for the next pay-per-view among Edge, ADR and Christian. The Miz vs. John CenaCena and The Miz have ...

The Road Warriors Are Now Officially in the WWE Hall of Fame

Posted by Anakin Cane On April - 3 - 2011
On Monday Night RAW, March 28 edition, this writer got goosebumps when the greatest tag team in history was announced as being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. On the night before WrestleMania 27, Paul Ellering, Animal, and the spirit of Hawk, made the speech to formally bring them into the Hall of Fame family.  How fitting it was for the Road Warriors' road to end where it all began: Atlanta.  They were innovators, they had charisma, they had the skills on the microphone; Hawk and Animal had it all. In today's wrestling, everyone has a theme song, but back in the early ...

Tag Teams in the Hall: Which Teams Should Be in Sooner Than Later

Posted by Anakin Cane On March - 2 - 2011
Currently only six tag teams are in the WWF/E Hall of Fame. Even though it appears the WWE is not taking the division as serious as in the past, there are so many more great historical teams which should go in as a team as their contributions to the ring have made a huge impact. Samoans, Von Erichs, Funks, Briscos, Blackjacks, and Valiant Brothers are in the Hall. The Von Erichs are in more as a family, than a tag team. I would not mind seeing one year being exclusive to getting some of the great tag teams in the Hall. At ...

The Undertakers Streak Questions and Scenarios For You to Debate

Posted by Anakin Cane On February - 23 - 2011
Thought I would write a fun article to get the streak debate started in time for WrestleMania.It appears we will be seeing HHH vs. Undertaker Part II. Possibly with Shawn Michaels as the special referee and with the Game's career on the line. For a bit of history, the Streak has become an event within the event. The Streak started with Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania VII in 1991. Through the years, Undertaker has defeated all the members of Evolution, Rated-RKO, and the two founders of D-X at WrestleMania. The next few slides are for the readers to debate and answer the questions ...

World Champions in Two Different Organizations

Posted by Anakin Cane On February - 17 - 2011
Lets take a look back in time, before jumping ship to a new organization was not all over the Internet, and even the greatest of the greats could not win a world title in another federation. Bruno Sammartino could have easily been the NWA World champion had he chose to leave the comfort zone of the northeast on a regular basis. In these early days, the NWA champion had to defend the title all across the world. The wrestler was a true world champion. He had to venture to rival regional promotions where screw jobs could easily occur. The champion ...

Who Is Better: Look at Tag Teams Matched Up

Posted by Anakin Cane On January - 7 - 2011
The one area TNA shines over the WWE is tag team wrestling. TNA is allowing its teams to grow and become major players and become a real part of the roster. WWE just seems to put teams together just to keep the titles around. When a good, or potentially great, tag team emerges in the WWE, it seems the writers are just looking how fast to break up the team to find the next 'HBK'. Alex Shelley and Chris Saban at first did not impress me, but over the past few weeks and months, the team has really grown on this writer. I ...

Wrestling In The Wrong Era

Posted by Anakin Cane On December - 28 - 2010
Certain times in life and especially in sport a team there is a moment which may be even more special had it happened at a different time. In life, a person is in a relationship then finds a person who could potentially be the soulmate. Always seems to happen. In sports, teams have an excellent year, just to run into a team which is a little better. The 1984 Miami Dolphins were a great team, but the 49ers that year were just a bit better. The Bills of the early 1990's had a great run to four consecutive Super Bowls, but ...

Pro Wrestling: Fairly Easy Predictions For 2011

Posted by Anakin Cane On December - 10 - 2010
As we have only three weeks left in 2010, I have decided to use my powerful knowledge and go after my inner Nostradamus to predict what will happen in the world of wrestling in the next 12 months. ***No seriously, as a wrestling fan, these are pretty much locks and anyone who has watched wrestling in the last three years will know these are going to happen.Begin Slideshow

My Memorable Moments Through My Years As a Wrestling Fan

Posted by Anakin Cane On November - 28 - 2010
We all have our favorite memories throughout life. They can be personal as the birth of a child or a first kiss. We remember our first car. Our first job. The first time you went to the theatre or a concert. Or the great memory of accomplishment such as making an interception or hitting that first base hit. Our memories are our cherished thoughts. Things which matter to us. Others may have those same moments, but everyone has a different perspective and feelings on those memories. Not all memories are good. Some moments are too painful to be remembered. Some we are ashamed ...

Pro Wrestling: Really Wish They Would Return To the Ring

Posted by Anakin Cane On November - 18 - 2010
Reminiscing today about how fun wrestling used to be back in the day. There was a time I would sit through those fun interviews even from the mid card wrestlers. The next few slides are things about wresting and those great wrestlers I miss and in some capacity wish they would return. ***Just in case your confused about the picture. There are two different wrestlers everyone would wish return. If you can identify the type of snake it is, then you will know which two wrestlers I am referencing.Begin Slideshow