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With the annual Hall of Fame event the night before WrestleMania on the horizon, it got me feeling a bit disappointed.  While I am happy for Shawn Michaels, I am more upset for the simple fact that Drew Carey and Abdullah the Butcher will be inducted this year, while more deserving superstars are still snubbed.  Lets countdown the Top 15 Snubbed Superstars of a Hall of Fame Induction…Begin Slideshow
Last week the WWE released its newest documentary release entitled the "True Story of Wrestlemania."  Initially, I was excited to purchase this three-disc DVD set since hearing about the project and, much to my dismay, it was a grave disappointment. If you have followed Wrestlemania for the last few years, or since its inception in 1985 like I have and many in the 1980s, you will be greatly dissatisfied with the overall presentation (especially if you shelled out twenty bucks like I did).  For instance, each Wrestlemania was reduced to minutes with little or no depth.  It was two hours ...

WWE: The Wrestlemania Blunders That Could Have Been Money Makers

Posted by Andrew Khellah On March - 6 - 2011
The Deadman is 18-0 all-time at Wrestlemania (19-0 when he defeats Triple H this April). While Undertaker carries along an undefeated win streak that year-after-year is an automatic marquee matchup at the biggest stage of them all, there has got to be a new element that makes Wrestlemania special. Mark Calloway’s run as the Undertaker character is impressive. An undefeated, 18-0 win streak at Wrestlemania is legendary.     He was smart enough to read the writing on the wall, adapting to each era and peak at the right times with the right opponents. He kept his character from being complacent.  He also had Vince ...

Pro Wrestling’s Missed ‘3:16’ Moment: Matt Hardy, 2005

Posted by Andrew Khellah On January - 7 - 2011
3:16 Mo·ment (mmnt) 1. The rise to super stardom 2. A particular period of importance, influence, or significance in a series of events or      developments 3. The wrestling promo that can make you a legend   su·perstar (spr-stär) 1. A widely acclaimed star, as in movies or sports, who has great popular appeal. 2. One that is extremely popular or prominent or that is a major attraction. The 3:16 Moment originated from the legendary ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, as his rise to super stardom began at the 1996 King of the Ring Austin where he defeated Jake “the Snake” Roberts in the tournament finals. ...