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I was in attendance at the LG Arena last night for the RAW tour show, and thought I’d give a little report on what occurred. This was an experiment for me personally last night. My girlfriend hates the fact that I watch wrestling, as it is apparently my “dirty little secret." Obviously, no one knows where we were last night! However, it was my girlfriend who purchased the tickets as a surprise treat for me, so I have to keep on reminding her that it was her own choice to go and see, “all those silly men wearing those stupid tiny ...

WWE Survivor Series: What Will Cena Do? Options for the Free or Fire Match

Posted by Antelope Spartan On November - 2 - 2010
It’s one of the most intriguing storylines for a while in the WWE, and how they will play this one out is the subject of much speculation. Basically, if Wade Barrett becomes WWE Champion at Survivor Series then John Cena is free of the Nexus. However, if Randy Orton retains his title then John Cena is fired from the WWE.   I believe that the WWE has a number of options at its disposal.Begin Slideshow

WWE: Is the Tag Team Division Dead? Who Can Save It and How

Posted by Antelope Spartan On October - 30 - 2010
On yesterday's edition of Smackdown, the World Heavyweight Champion Kane held a “funeral” for The Undertaker following the Buried Alive encounter at Bragging Rights. I am now going to consider whether or not the funeral would have been more appropriate for the WWE tag team division. The current deficiency of credible tag teams in the WWE has been a major talking point for a long time. I am not convinced that the WWE is particularly concerned with the rapid decline of a once-important part of its product. But why? First and foremost, you have to look at the individual wrestlers. The business has changed ...

WWE King of the Ring 2010: Who Should Win?

Posted by Antelope Spartan On October - 28 - 2010
Reports are stating that WWE is bringing back the much-loved King of the Ring tournament during the three-hour Raw on Nov. 29. This is just eight days after the Survivor Series PPV. The last time the tournament was held back in 2008 William Regal went on to be crowned the winner, only to subsequently violate the Wellness Policy. Personally, I am delighted that they are bringing back the King of the Ring. My only disappointment is that it is on a three-hour Raw episode rather than PPV.My concern is that the night itself will not be 100 percent devoted to ...

WWE Bragging Rights 2010: In-Depth Thoughts, Comments and Opinion

Posted by Antelope Spartan On October - 25 - 2010
First and foremost, readers of my previous articles on The Bleacher Report will be fully aware of my mentality towards WWE of 2010 being open-minded and having no expectation. I take the current product for what it is and challenge myself to get as much entertainment out of the show as possible. I encourage you all to take a look at my three previous articles, as there are themes that are continued throughout this analysis. Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan It is evidently clear that the current PPV structure does not give enough allowance for the fans to buy into most of ...

WWE: Does IWC Spoil Viewing, and Is There Need for Offseason, PPV Shake Up?

Posted by Antelope Spartan On October - 22 - 2010
When it comes to the WWE, does the Internet ever spoil your viewing? Is there a need for a WWE offseason and new WWE PPV schedule?I've been a fan of the WWE on and off for the majority of my 26 years on this planet. Recently, I have again become obsessed with following the WWE, both on TV and on the internet. I don't know exactly why this is, but I do believe it had something to do with accidentally putting it on Sky Sports one night and not knowing a few of the competitors in the ring. This lead to ...

WWE: Eight Feuds To Really Entertain and Exhibit The Real Talent

Posted by Antelope Spartan On October - 21 - 2010
This list is not going to focus on the main-event picture with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker. Instead I am focusing on the upper/mid-card that tends to provide the most enjoyment and entertainment to the IWC.We all love to see our favourites doing well and putting on fabulous performances, mainly so that we can come on the Internet and moan about how they are not main-eventing!Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that all these feuds are going to lead to the superstars going on to become the champion and headline Wrestlemania, some ...

Wade Barrett: NXT WWE Champion?

Posted by Antelope Spartan On October - 21 - 2010
There have been a lot of articles over the past few months concerning Wade Barrett and the Nexus, rightly so as it has been one of the most refreshing storylines that I can certainly remember. NXT Season 1 was different and I tried my hardest to appreciate it for what it was. This is essentially what we need to do with the wacky and weird world of Wrestling, take it for what it is. Yes, Season 1 had its problems and I won't even get started on the "challenges," however the biggest success of NXT is ...