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My Favorite WWE Entrance Themes of All Time

Posted by Christy Barber On March - 12 - 2011
If there was one thing that really gets me excited about wrestling, it's the entrance songs. Whether it was hearing the glass breaking or hearing "if ya smellll," I always got pumped.A great entrance song describes the wrestler's character. Hearing Stone Cold's entrance let you know that the guy coming down the ramp  was one bmf. When you hear "if ya smellll," you think of some really pretentious jerk that you can't help but like. Great entrance songs are timeless and evoke a loud reaction from the fans.Begin Slideshow

Best WWE Promos Part 4

Posted by Christy Barber On March - 8 - 2011
Finally after a good while, I've decided to do part four of my series. In recent years, the art of the promo has lacked in the WWE. We have few wrestlers that can cut good/great promos week in and week out. The passion is gone, the delivery is gone, and most importantly, the connection with the fans is gone. These following promos however delivered on all three.Begin Slideshow

Greatest WWE Fan Tribute Videos

Posted by Christy Barber On February - 18 - 2011
I recently came across an amazing tribute video dedicated to The Rock. It inspired me to write this article.Some wrestlers invoke emotions in fans like no other. We grow to love them and tell our kids about them. They become a staple in our childhood and revolve around our fondest memories. The following tributes are some of the best I've ever seen.Begin Slideshow

Best Promos In WWE History Part 3

Posted by Christy Barber On February - 18 - 2011
Finally after nearly two weeks, I have decided to put part 3 up. This slideshow will feature promos that are based my opinion and fellow bleacher creatures opinions. It's been a week full of excitement and jubilation. Please enjoy the slideshow and leave your suggestions for part 4 in the comment section.Begin Slideshow

Celebrating Smackdown!: The Best Moments in Smackdown History

Posted by Christy Barber On February - 13 - 2011
After Rachel Miller's article on the highs and lows of WWE Friday Night Smackdown!, I decided to write one that hopefully will receive better praise. WWE Friday Night Smackdown! debuted on August 26, 1999. Named after one of The Rock's popular catchphrases, Smackdown! instantly became popular. Sometimes called the "B" show, Smackdown has proven that it is just as entertaining and as important as RAW. Here are the best moments in Friday Night Smackdown!'s history.Begin Slideshow

Best WWE/F Promos In History Part 2

Posted by Christy Barber On February - 6 - 2011
After the great feedback that I received for part 1, I've decided to make part ahead of schedule. The art of cutting a promo has been perfected by some of the greatest wrestlers of all time. We've had the captivating, intense, funny, and down right weird promos in wrestling.All of the following selections are based on my opinion and suggestions that I received. Please enjoy the slideshow and give me feedback and suggestions for part 3.This list will also feature WCW and ECW promos. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow

Best WWE/F Promos in History Part 1

Posted by Christy Barber On February - 4 - 2011
Ah, the art of a wrestling promo. It can determine whether or not you're good enough for the main event or the mid card. Many great WWE/F legends and wrestlers captivated us with their speaking ability. They made us laugh, chant out of our minds, boo, and go in a frenzy.Some have had the pleasure of seeing Superstar Billy Graham revolutionize how a promo is supposed to be conducted. Others listened intensively as Hogan told them to eat their vitamins and say their prayers. A good majority, like me, witnessed The Rock and Stone ...

Dear WWE: Please Don’t Screw CeNexus Up

Posted by Christy Barber On October - 4 - 2010
As many of us know last night at WWE's Hell In A Cell PPV Wade Barrett defeated John Cena. With his defeat John Cena must join Nexus. It was the turning point that many thought they would never see. Cena joining a heel stable was laughed at. Cena was the WWE's golden boy; the WWE wouldn't put their top draw in a heel faction ever. Well ladies and gents it's happened. With this shift in the everyday world of the WWE, we may finally get the excitement and unpredictability that has so eluded us for so long. When was the ...

Top 16 Finishers In WWE History

Posted by Christy Barber On October - 2 - 2010
As we all know a finisher in WWE or wrestling in general is usually a signature move by a certain wrestler.We can all remember going nuts when Austin hit the Stunner or getting our cameras ready for The People's Elbow.In this slideshow, I show some of the top 15 finishers in WWE history, including submission moves.So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.Begin Slideshow

The Next In Line in the WWE: Contenders to Take John Cena’s Throne

Posted by Christy Barber On May - 30 - 2010
Since 2005, John Cena has been the name and face of the WWE. He's held the WWE Championship seven times, World Heavyweight Championship two times, he's a Royal Rumble winner, three time U.S. Champion and a two time Tag Team Champion. Cena has beaten future hall of famers and is considered to be a hall of famer himself. He's sold merchandise, starred in movies, made the cover of magazines, kissed babies and fat chicks. While this is great, Cena's reign at the top won't last forever. I'll go over some candidates that have a chance at being the next ...