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HTR History: Les Thatcher and TNA’s Desmond Wolfe

Posted by Daris Brown On October - 29 - 2009
(This is a reprint of Demetreus Stokes's article from HTR) If you missed tonight’s episode of Hit The Ropes Radio, you missed a treat. We had the pleasure of interviewing Les Thatcher. When people in our generation think of the word legend, they think of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Ric Flair, among others. While Les Thatcher may not be a name that most people in this generation know, he is truly a wrestling legend. Thatcher has had a hand in training some of the biggest stars in WWE, WCW, and TNA. Les started in the business in 1960 as a wrestler. In a career ...

Who Just Signed Jim Cornette After He Was Fired by TNA?

Posted by Daris Brown On September - 27 - 2009
Less than a week after Jim Cornette was released from TNA for "not being behind the current direction," Cornette landed in a new home.No, not the WWE. He's been opposed going there ever since he literally laid the smackdown on Santino Marella. No, the home I'm talking about is Ring of Honor. It was announced at ROH's show in New York that Jim Cornette is the new Executive Producer of ROH on HDNet. This led to him being immediately called out by ROH world champion Austin Aries. Read the article in its entirity at Hit The Ropes.comRead more Pro Wrestling ...

Pro Wrestling Needs a Union

Posted by Daris Brown On September - 18 - 2009
Check the Miz’s twitter page and you’ll see comments like “on my way to my second home, the airport,” signifying the nonstop world of professional wrestling. Turn on your television and you’ll see TMZ reporting another professional wrestler arrested. What is it this time? Steroids, weed, drunk driving?   Click on your favorite promotion’s website and you’ll see wrestlers going through the embarrassment of having to kiss promoter’s butt or having promoters break their contracts and screwing the wrestler out of a world title and more importantly their legacy. All of this controversy could be greatly reduced if there was a professional ...

Forget DiBiase, Morrison Is the Future of the WWE

Posted by Daris Brown On September - 10 - 2009
Everyone is talking Ted DiBiase this, DiBiase that. There has even been talk about the Legacy member dethroning the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, but all that hype should go to the man actually backing it up—John Morrison.   Since his start in the hit wrestling reality show Tough Enough, John Morrison has been a winner. After coming out on top over thousands of other contestants, Morrison took his newly-won WWE contract to Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he could not be overshadowed by guys like Muhammad Hussan, Spirit Squad’s Johnny and Rob Conway.   OVW pushed all three to be the flagship of the company and ...

“The Icon” Sting: The Franchise Closed

Posted by Daris Brown On August - 31 - 2009
We are now less than a month and a half away from losing one of the greatest legends to ever lace up a pair of boots. Long before there was ever a face painted, enigmatic, Jeff Hardy there was a “man called Sting.”   Total Nonstop Action (TNA) is teasing that Bound For Glory will be the final match for the “Icon” Sting. If this is true we will truly witness the end of an era?   Sting is the last remaining headliner from the good ol’ days of WCW, I mean NWA’s WCW not Vince Russo’s WCW, and when he calls it quits, ...

Organized Chaos: Is TNA Ready for a Run?

Posted by Daris Brown On August - 26 - 2009
While the majority of TNA's recent news coverage is concerning the Kurt/Karen/Jarrett love triangle and then Kurt's recent troubles with the law, there is something greater quietly brewing for the number two wrestling program. TNA is preparing for a war. Although not the Monday Night variety, they are ready to finally state their claim in the wrestling world. Over the last couple months TNA has been chipping away at their roster and adding the crucial pieces they need to become a real threat to the monster that is the WWE. They were able to steal away two of the WWE's key storytellers, Mick ...

The Most Dominant Pro Wrestlers By Decade

Posted by Daris Brown On August - 17 - 2009
After seeing a similar list on, I started thinking about the most dominate pro wrestlers in wrestling history. And after some searching and prodding, I came up with the Most Dominate Pro Wrestlers By Decade, starting with the 1950s. There are a lot of great wrestlers who could have made the list but narrowly missed out. I used popularity, title reigns, impact on wrestling and legacy as determining factors for this list. Read, Discuss, Enjoy. Begin Slideshow

Note To Vince: Bury The Hatchet Already

Posted by Daris Brown On August - 3 - 2009
There is an old saying "time heals all wounds." 14 years have passed and wrestling fans are the ones stuck with the gash. Vinnie Mac, a kiss and make up session is long overdue between you and the Macho Man Randy Savage. It's up to you and you alone to get this done. Debuting at No. 1, the Macho Madness DVD was an instant hit. Fans jumped at the release of owning all the great matches of one of the 80s biggest stars, despite the DVD missing one key extra—live commentary from the man himself. Lanny Poffo, Macho Man's brother, told ...

Man-Up TNA: Turmoil-Not-Action

Posted by Daris Brown On July - 31 - 2009
Right now should be the most exciting time in TNA's young history. Unfortunately for them, and the fans, it's also the most turbulent time as well. It's almost seems as though this organization is blessed with a curse. But I'm not here to point fingers, I'd much rather help solve the problems. So it's time to Man-Up TNA, let's knock a couple of these out shall we. Two Many Stars: I'd never thought I'd say that having too many top superstars come to TNA would be a bad thing, but in this case it is. Two too many to be exact. TNA got a ...

ROH Ignites Monday Night Wars…Kinda

Posted by Daris Brown On July - 27 - 2009
Ring of Honor is sent out a press release stating August 17th they will be moving to Monday nights. This is great news for all 32 people who have HDNet. Seriously though, this is great news for ROH. The days that families gather around the TV on Saturday nights are far behind us. So even though they were in prime time, nobody was home to watch it. Moving to Monday nights is about as good as it gets for Ring of Honor right now. Now don't be foolish enough to think that the Monday night wars are back. This is far from the ...