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WWE Draft 2011: Will CM Punk Finally Get His Chance to Be a Star?

Posted by Diego Gomezjurado On April - 24 - 2011
CM Punk, a couple of months ago, was part of a switch that saw him move to Monday nights while the Rated R Superstar headed the other way to Friday Nights.Since that moment, I have faithfully watched Raw on Mondays, mainly because my favorite superstar was on the roster. However, week after week he has been relegated to being nothing but a mid-card superstar feuding with Randy Orton and putting him more over than he already is. So now, the 2011 WWE Draft is knocking on the door and it proves the perfect opportunity to finally give CM Punk ...

Wrestlemania 27 Results: Orton vs Punk Belittled by WWE Creative

Posted by Diego Gomezjurado On April - 3 - 2011
Following a lackluster three first bouts, the promo for Orton vs. Punk rolled. This was the match that I had been waiting for, the match that was going to steal the show, the match that had the two best current entertainers and decent wrestlers on the ring. The buzz that had been built over the past months was madly running through my body and all of this changed when Orton came out with his knee heavily taped. Seeing this painted a picture in my mind, the picture of a match dominated by CM Punk with the occasional intervention by Orton that ...

WWE: The Top 4 Feuds That Should Happen in 2011

Posted by Diego Gomezjurado On February - 14 - 2011
After posting my last article "Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and the Other 8 Reasons Why I Still Watch WWE," I decided to list the top four feuds that I would like to see happen during 2011.It's easy to complain about the lack of creativity portrayed by the WWE Creative team (I tend to do it quite often), however, another more viable option to this is writing an opinion article to actively show what you, the fan, wants to see.So without any further introduction, here are the feuds that I, Diego Gomezjurado, would enjoy watching.Begin Slideshow

Bryan Daniels, CM Punk and the Other 8 Reasons Why I Still Watch WWE

Posted by Diego Gomezjurado On February - 13 - 2011
Many people say that watching the WWE since the PG switch has become a bore. The superstars are deteriorating, the storylines aren't that great and the wrestling time and ability has gone drastically down.Although many of these points are valid, I still find that there are plenty of reasons why to watch the WWE and if you focus on the positives, you will find yourself enjoying Raw and Smackdown much more.Begin Slideshow