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DK’s Beef With the IWC: What in the Blue Hell Are You Doing?

Posted by Donkey Kong On October - 29 - 2010
The famous Nintendo character Donkey Kong is a proud member of the IWC and a die-hard wrestling fan since birth.  However, I have noticed some things that are just not right. Excessively long comments, articles in response to other articles, downright stupid personal attacks, and blatant hypocrisy are among my list of items to rant on.  This is also true in sports, politics and anything mentioning Justin Bieber.  Hopefully, the powers that be will notice this is worth publishing.   Excessively long comments First and foremost, why are people writing novel-sized comments?  Are they writing a dissertation or a senior thesis? ...

TNA’s Immortals: How the Super-Stable Story Line Should Play Out

Posted by Donkey Kong On October - 15 - 2010
Before writing this article, Jeff Awesome is now Donkey Kong.  As anybody who follows TNA knows, Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan turned heel and "They" was revealed at Bound For Glory as the latest revival of the nWo. Fantastic ending by the way.  At last night's Impact, Hulk Hogan kept referring to himself and Abyss as "immortal." Apparently, after Fortune merged with them, now they are called "immortal." They "overthrew" that "moron" Dixie Carter with a piece of paper. Dixie, here's your lesson, read the fine print.  Now with the Immortal angle underway, Donkey Kong was wondering how to play ...