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WWE Superstars Review for Nov. 25, 2010: Thanksgiving Edition Impresses

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 27 - 2010
Curt Hawkins def. Trent Barreta Seeing as this was a rematch from last week, I thought we would see the same things we saw last time. I was wrong. Both men got good reactions and the crowd was hot throughout the match for both. This was hands-down Match of the Night. I admit that Trent Barreta has potential and had some awesome spots in that match. I got complaints last week that I was bashing Barreta, and I apologize. I can see he is better as a singles wrestler to really shine. But, with a possible tag team with Hawkins ...

Deadly Dream Matches Part 1: Ezekiel Jackson vs. Bobby Lashley

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 25 - 2010
Since Ezekiel Jackson's return to Monday Night RAW, his push has been in question, as some people aren't in favor of it due to lack of ability or connection with audience.I have been a fan of Big Zeke since his draft to ECW in mid-2009, dominating everything and everyone in his path. Rarely was he ever pinned, and became a part of the ECW's controversial stable, the Ruthless Roundtable.As of recent, I began to think of his current state in the WWE, and how it relates to former WWE Superstar, former TNA Wrestler and current Strikeforce Fighter, Bobby Lashley No, I am not just comparing ...

WWE Smackdown 11/19/10 Review: Survival Instincts Run Wild

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 21 - 2010
MVP def. Drew McIntyre Before I get to the match, I was impressed with MVP's promo with Alberto Del Rio. When Alberto is done feuding with Rey soon enough, a good feud with MVP (maybe overt the IC Title) will certainly help both of them. It was a decent match, but it wasn't as great as it could have been. McIntyre's spotlight has really shot out as of late, so he treated it as a sideshow in this match. Impact-full finish with the Drive By Kick. Really glad to see this finisher make its return.   Jack Swagger def. Chris Masters Mediocre and useless contest. Masters ...

WWE Superstars 11/18/10 Review: The Mediocre Misslist

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 20 - 2010
Chavo Guerrero def. JTG I would say this match was mediocre, but it was also pointless. These two are never on television, so why should we care? The finish was the only good part of the match, and the rest was predictable since we've seen this match a few times before. Giving the win to Chavo was the better choice, seeing as Eddie's anniversary was last Saturday. Different, but good facial look for Chavo by the way.   Trent Barretta def. Curt Hawkins Yet another mediocre match, but only because of the high-flying persona these two have. They work well together, but didn't they work ...

WWE Injuries And Inactivity: Biggest Losses Of 2010

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 19 - 2010
Recently at a WWE press conference for their quarter, WWE representatives states they haven't been doing well due to retirements, releases and injuries of top wrestlers. But was it really just this quarter?All year long, the landscape has changed dramatically, for better and worse. I'm about to analyze WWE's biggest losses (despite some returns) of 2010, and how this year has impacted the roster more than ever.Feel free to comment on your opinions on the list at the conclusion of the article. So, let's Bleach It!Begin Slideshow

WWE Smackdown 11/5/10 Review: Smackdown for Survival

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 6 - 2010
Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio Went to a No Contest Not a five-star match, but certainly good. It was solid and probably better than the main event, but I'll get to that later. The only thing that bothered me was how slow-worked it was, but it was just to sell Edge's injury. It confused me why this match was first, but the Nexus interference made sense. Hope we get to see this again in a feud, possibly come TLC.   Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. JTG (Non-Title) Lackluster, and something that definitely belongs on Superstars. It wasn't Ziggler, it was JTG, seeing that he is just ...

WWE Superstars 11/4/10 Review: An Uso Upset, Gallows Turns Face

Posted by Graham Mirmina On November - 5 - 2010
Jack Swagger def. Kaval Match of the night. It was a great opener, but shouldn't it have been main event material? Especially for Superstars? The match got incredible time and pulled off awesome moves that also made me think Kaval was going to win. Boy, was I wrong. Strong match-up, but weak finish. The eagle had to get involved sometime, didn't he? Kaval has yet to win a match since winning NXT Season 2. It kills me to see him lose, seeing as Swagger has nowhere to go right now. This losing streak has to be going somewhere, otherwise he shall soon see ...

WWE Fan Appreciation Day 10/30/10 Results and Review: Triple H Returns!

Posted by Graham Mirmina On October - 31 - 2010
I got there around 2:45 and the hallways at the XL Center were packed! Not much merchandise was being sold, and I was tight on cash, so we didn't bother. We were in 213, all the way in the back, so most of the seats were open, but we had one hell of a view. It was a basic house-show opening, no big ramp or stage. The Bragging Rights trophy was in the middle of the ramp. The seats began to fill up when the show started, and it was packed. The WWE Company overview video aired, and Howard Finkel announced the show. ...

WWE Smackdown October 29: Monster Mash, Opportunity Strikes

Posted by Graham Mirmina On October - 30 - 2010
Undertaker Funeral Another awesome promo by Kane, and it was great to see it open up the show. Having Alberto Del Rio interrupt was fine, but why not Mysterio then Del Rio? When Del Rio and Kane fought, the crowd had no reaction since the two are both heels.   United States Champion Daniel Bryan def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler (non-title) Yet another great addition to the series between these two. But it just didn't have same the feel as the match at Bragging Rights, because this is the third time we've seen it go down exactly the same way. I'm a little shocked that Bryan ...

WWE Superstars 10/28/10 Review: Reks In Effect, Family Affairs

Posted by Graham Mirmina On October - 29 - 2010
Mark Henry def. Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso and Tamina Decent match seeing that Henry was in it, and that Jey Uso actually didn't get dominated. Jey Uso hit some nice spots, but Jimmy Uso had a great spot from the outside with that kick. It was logical to have Henry get the win, but this match was set up only to get both wrestlers in action. I don't see a feud coming, but what disappoints me the most was, where the hell was Ezekiel Jackson? What better way to return to RAW after a multiple-month injury than to feud with a WWE veteran ...