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TNA Screws Roxxi, Knockout’s Division Is Dying

Posted by Herman Almendarez On June - 13 - 2010
So Words Can Not describe my feeling towards the Roxxi vs Rayne match at Slammiversary. TNA really has disgusted me this time. The way they are treating Roxxi is unbelievable. So apparently TNA decided to add a last minute angle in the Roxxi vs Rayne match, with the stipulation of Career vs Title. Roxxi put her career on jeopardy and Rayne put her title on the line. The results of this match was eye-brow raising and really put TNA's bookers into the "bad" list.  All I can say is, Thank You So Much Roxxi. You are really a great competitor, and I have nothing ...

Lay-Cool Next Big Thing In WWE, Move Over Beautiful People

Posted by Herman Almendarez On June - 9 - 2010
So NXT Season 2 Premiere was a big hit to my understanding. It wasn't because of The Miz or John Morrison; the most talked about stars of the night were Lay-Cool and Kaval.  As many know, LayCool are the first-ever female pros in NXT, and they are the mentors of global wrestler Kaval. He wrestled for TNA, ROH, etc.  The Season Premiere of NXT was very entertaining because of this duet. LayCool made me laugh and they made me tune in. The way they treated Kaval was priceless, making him hold their titles, was amazing. And to top it off, the main event ...

Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis Trashes Melina and Michelle McCool

Posted by Herman Almendarez On May - 28 - 2010
In a recent article for women's wrestling, Maria Kanellis' interview with HighSpots is posted.  And she had less nice things to say about former co-workers Michelle McCool and Melina. First, Maria talks about Former Divas and Women's Champion Melina. Maria states that Melina was the "Whore" of the WWE. Maria speaks out on how Melina would hold meetings with all the divas and talk about who can date who.  Maria says that Melina is not a great worker, and that she does not know why WWE still keeps her around. Maria says Melina always tried to be better than Mickie James. In the ...

WWE Signs Jennifer Blake and Cherry Bomb

Posted by Herman Almendarez On May - 13 - 2010
According To Sites, WWE has signed two Shimmer Wrestlers, Jennifer Blake, and Cherry Bomb. Jennifer Blake worked a try-out match with Michelle McCool, while Laura "Cherry Bomb" Dennis had a try-out match with Gail Kim.  Jennifer Blake also wrestles for Wrestlecious, and defeated Paige Webb AKA Serena From WWE in her debut match.  I wish both these ladies good luck. Read more Pro Wrestling news on

Taylor Wilde and Sarita Leaving TNA for WWE

Posted by Herman Almendarez On May - 6 - 2010
Apparently, after their contracts end with TNA, Wilde and Sarita plan to join WWE. It is said that Wilde and Sarita are not happy with the Knockouts Division. WWE wanted Wilde and Sarita in early December but TNA did not allow their releases. Now that the contracts are almost up, Wilde and Sarita plan to join WWE.  Another Knockout that is also leaving TNA is Tara. She stated on her blog that her pay was not fair and that TNA was not using her well. Tara plans to leave TNA after her contract expires. Tara also expresses that she would like ...

Veteran Divas vs Rookie Divas, WWE Style

Posted by Herman Almendarez On April - 28 - 2010
If I had to pick the Veterans for the divas division of the WWE, I would pick the following: Melina, Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, and Gail Kim. All of these divas can wrestle, and can put on a great matches. Melina is the creative in-ring performer who you want to see more in matches. Michelle McCool is the history-making diva. Beth Phoenix is the powerhouse, who dominates anyone, including some males. Jillian Hall is the jobber, that helps the rookies look good in the ring. Last but not least, we have Gail Kim. She is the ultimate Veteran. All of these ...

Michelle McCool Released by WWE (Satire)

Posted by Herman Almendarez On April - 22 - 2010
I thought it would be controversial to say Michelle McCool was released by WWE since she was as "big" of a star as recently released diva Mickie James.  WWE really is going downhill. Every time it has the light on it, it does something stupid by releasing great talents like Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill.  Good luck competing with TNA when James and Lea join them. If they actually release McCool next, WWE's divas division will go to the garbage.  Nonetheless, I wish James and Lea the best in their future, and even though I am truly upset with this decision, I know they will shine in their ...

Maria Kanellis Speaks About WWE Experience

Posted by Herman Almendarez On April - 13 - 2010
  In a recent article on, Maria Kanellis speaks on her WWE experience. She talks about the other divas, the past divas and the lack of television time given to the women's division.  First Maria talks about working with Michelle McCool. She says McCool would be the contender to hold up the Women's Division in WWE. She says McCool was very laid back and was willing to teach. Maria describes her matches with McCool, as the best in her WWE run.  Another topic Maria talks about is the lack of television time the women's division is given. Kanellis states that if and only WWE would give divas ...

Michelle McCool Is Next Trish Stratus

Posted by Herman Almendarez On April - 7 - 2010
Today In The WWE, If you had to compare a Diva to Trish Stratus it would be Michelle McCool. Both started out as models and/or fitness workers. As time went by, both evolved into being great wrestlers. When Trish Stratus started in The WWE, she worked as the valet of T & A. When Michelle McCool started in The WWE, she worked as backstage trainer. Eventually she went on to feud with Dawn Marie, Melina, and soon she was the valet of "The Teacher's Pets", KC James and Idol Stevens. Trish Stratus and Michelle McCool both made history. Trish Stratus has the ...

Michelle McCool To Raw, Maryse To SmackDown.

Posted by Herman Almendarez On April - 6 - 2010
When Melina was drafted to Monday Night Raw by special guest host, Nancy O'Dell, the divas division on Raw was stable. Melina had various well-developed feuds with heels Alicia Fox and Jillian Hall. But when Maryse returned to the roster after her injury, Melina went out of action due to her own injury, the Divas Division on Raw went downhill. Now the Raw matches consist of bikinis, dresses, and hot tubs, which by the way makes Gail Kim a total hypocrite, cross that line. Anyway, my point is that, Maryse should be sent back to SmackDown where she played second to another top ...