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WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts: Web or TV?

Posted by Jade Jones On April - 27 - 2013
Remember way back when the WWE Divas actually had their own website?Unfortunately, it doesn't exist any longer. The site had photos of the Divas, Daily Divas and Babes of the Year. It was a pretty good site and was up and running back when Lita and Trish Stratus were still wrestling.Now, with the news that the TNA Knockouts have launched their very own website, WWE has a new reality television series in the works. The show will feature the WWE Divas in their daily life as professional wrestlers. Amusingly enough, it's not going to be all Divas, ...

WWE’s Top Five Vicious Vixens

Posted by Jade Jones On April - 12 - 2013
What makes a woman snap? What drives her crazy?You're guess is as good as mine, but when it comes to WWE Divas, anything can make them snap!The WWE has had it's fair share of psycho sexpots, girls who would scratch your eyes out if you looked at them the wrong way. Compiling this list was no easy task. How can I bring it down to a top 5?Begin Slideshow

WWE Hall of Fame: An in Depth Look at Trish Stratus

Posted by Jade Jones On March - 30 - 2013
We all know who Trish Stratus is.We all know her accolades, which include being a seven-time Women's Champion, and we know that fans either like her or hate her. Whether you think she's the greatest or best female wrestler or whether you think she's completely overrated, Trish Stratus will always be up for debate.Regardless of how fans feel, she will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this April, and there's nothing anyone can do about it. No amount of complaining from her haters will change the fact that she will become a "Hall of Famer."What does her induction into this prestigious club ...

WWE Alumni: Is a Trend Beginning?

Posted by Jade Jones On March - 29 - 2013
As every wrestling fan is aware of, WWE and TNA are rival companies vying for attention. They compete for a higher fanbase, which plays big time on their marketability and profits. This in turn identifies WWE as the bigger money-maker and gives it a higher monetary worth.WWE has been known to distance itself from anything remotely related to TNA content, although sometimes fans can argue this issue, with certain character resemblance and certain storylines being similar.Regardless, WWE is, or at least was, very strict on its own website,, with having any of its former talent appearing when they were ...
Believe it or not, there are some surviving women's wrestling fans out there in the IWC. They may be few and far between, but they are out there. They are tired of seeing models, swimsuits and boring one-minute matches, longing for the days of Lita vs. Trish Stratus, Chyna, Ivory and the other women from the classic period of professional wrestling when they were taken more seriously. Ever since Vince McMahon put the idea out that women who applied for a contest to win a contract on Raw, models, Playboy playmates and even erotic female stars flocked from every corner to gain ...

WWE Divas and Knockouts: Critiquing Their Shoots for 2012

Posted by Jade Jones On December - 28 - 2012
Over the years we have had plenty of Christmas shoots from both the Divas and the Knockouts. This year was a little different. The Knockouts knocked it out with their shoots while the WWE chose to give only one photo of a select few Divas.We're not exactly sure why the WWE, who so famously give us shoot after shoot of Divas, decided to go with just one. They did give us the 25 days of Divas, which I don't think was all that great, one photo again of a selected Diva with others from past shoots including past Divas.Here I ...

Pro-WrestlingMB a Shameless Plug for a Great Forum

Posted by Jade Jones On April - 17 - 2011
I have never gone this path before and I usually let the "shameless plugs" happen from Mick Foley. However, I just thought that perhaps, since some people within this community and other places realized that the "Jade" at PWMB was the one at Bleacher Report, I decided why not plug the forum I am so very dedicated to. I'm not asking anyone to join. I'm simply giving it some advertising. However, I have seen a lot of people within this community writing fabulous articles that could potentially become great members of our wrestling forum. I'll give you a little background of our ...

Wrestling: The 15 Most Impactful Women in Wrestling History

Posted by Jade Jones On March - 29 - 2011
For over 50 years, women have been involved in wrestling. Whether they are accompanying a male wrestler to the ring or dominating one themselves, women have had a significant role within the wrestling community.Known today as "Divas" or "Knockouts," women in wrestling history were once referred to as professional female wrestlers. The women of the past worked the ring just as hard as the men did and, in some cases, probably harder. These women had to prove that they weren't just pretty faces and that it was about time that women stepped out of the kitchen into the male-dominated world ...

WWE: Offended by Being Called a "Wrestling" Company: Say What????

Posted by Jade Jones On March - 20 - 2011
So I just finished reading an article that the WWE is "offended" with being called a wrestling company.Wait a minute.The WWE is offended with being called a wrestling company.Yes, that's what is being reported. And I am as flabbergasted as you are. In an article put out by regarding the induction of Drew Carey into the "Professional Wrestling" Hall of Fame, WWE sent an email stating:"We are no longer a wrestling company but rather a global entertainment company with a movie studio, international licensing deals, publisher of three magazines, consumer good distributor and more."Okay. I get that the WWE is ...

WWE Women’s History Month: What a Joke, Just Like the Division

Posted by Jade Jones On March - 20 - 2011
For the second time in two years, WWE has given its fans a taste of yesteryear by providing some good old celebration of women in wrestling history. Their first edition of the "celebration," was a good one, as it provided some great photos we had not seen before with the Women's Championship belt, and allowed new and old fans alike, to cherish what some women wrestlers have given to the business.From The Fabulous Moolah to Trish Stratus, gave us a compilation of different things, current Divas commented on who their role model was, or who they saw themselves to ...