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WrestleMania 27: The Money in the Bank Ladder Match Tradition

Posted by James Cox On February - 23 - 2011
The undeniable success of the Money in the Bank ladder match culminated in its own PPV last year, leading us to wonder whether it will still be included on the card at this year's WrestleMania. Originally conceived on screen by Chris Jericho in 2005, not only has such a bout allowed for incredible viewing at WrestleMania, it also means that six lucky, midcard-wrestlers get their egos fed on the biggest stage of all. The WWE has an embarrassment of riches for its WrestleMania card this year; the return of The Rock, the potential involvement of Shawn Michaels and the long-awaited uniting of the Undertaker and Triple H all make us salivate. That's before you consider that we're going to ...

The WWE Pay Per View Schedule: Less Would Be More

Posted by James Cox On November - 27 - 2010
This year's Survivor Series was one of the most eagerly anticipated PPVs in recent years. Not least because it would see the face of the company being fired, it potentially offered something far more interesting and substantial than previous events had. In many ways, however, the annual Thanksgiving event was an utter disappointment, not living up to its wild promise and giving, rather, Monday Night Raw all the drama the following evening.Under the current system the WWE offers fans four free shows per week and 13 PPV events per year. This hectic, monthly PPV schedule exists largely due to the hangover from the 1990s' Monday Night Wars, where the WWE ...

Triple H: Are We Game For More Or Is It Game Over?

Posted by James Cox On November - 13 - 2010
How things change in the space of a few months. When Triple H walked out at the WWE Fan Appreciation Day, he walked back into a landscape that looks altogether different to the one he left, injured, in March.His one-night-only return would suggest that he is on the road to recovery, but probably isn't mentally or physically ready yet for a full-time return to action. He returned to WWE in a time of political scrutiny and in a time where many fans are questioning their enjoyment of and loyalty towards the brand. The man who (kayfabe) put him out of action is no longer a title holder or ...

WWE King of the Ring: A Tournament for the Wrestling Technicians?

Posted by James Cox On November - 11 - 2010
With news breaking recently that the WWE are looking to bring back the interpromotional event, King of the Ring (putting it on Raw in Nov after the Survivor Series), I continue to see how things come full circle in this industry. Just look at this year alone: They introduce a dominant group who take over: been done before. They bring back Bret Hart: nice, good to see him. They bring back Raw Roulette: not so nice, quite silly actually. They bring back the Million Dollar Belt: really?! They bring back Paul Bearer: oh, dear. They bring back King of the Ring: well, actually... this may be interesting. If it's done well, this could add some ...