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Two TNA’s: A Love/Hate Relationship in The Hogan-Bischoff Era

Posted by Jason Allisen On September - 1 - 2010
I will just come out and admit it, though I may subject myself to being drawn and quartered.  The first full episode of Impact I watched was Jan. 4, 2010.  I watched because I read that Hulk Hogan was returning to wrestling.  I don't even know why.  His matches had not been any fun to watch since Goldberg squashed him for the WCW Title.  Further, his personal life clearly did not involve many prayers and vitamins (unless we count PEDs).  My best guess is nostalgia.  Thirty is not old by any stretch of the imagination, but it is one of life's milestones.  It creates ...

WWW vs. WWE: Wrestlers Who Get Love on the Net, but Not in the Promotion

Posted by Jason Allisen On August - 25 - 2010
With the advent of the internet, the veil guarding most of us against the backstage happenings in pro wrestling has become slightly more transparent.  Amazingly enough, even knowing for certain that outcomes are predetermined and that every guy or girl in the locker room is politicking and jockeying for position outside kayfabe, many of us are even more intrigued by this product.  The story lines behind the story lines have become a major topic of conversation, especially among our esteemed internet colleagues here and elsewhere.Further, with the arsenal that is the internet, we the fans now more than ever have ...