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WWE: How 5 Mid Card Heels Can Become Headline Babyfaces

Posted by Joanna Parker On January - 20 - 2011
The saying in pro wrestling is that it’s easy to be a heel, hard to be a face and impossible to be a tweener. Many smart fans, especially those who read wrestling magazines and internet sites such as this one, are aware of the idea of playing the bad guy being easier and more entertaining than the hero. The sad fact is that today it’s much easier to be hated than liked. But still, I’m sick of hearing that this wrestler or that wrestler needs to turn heel to further their careers. A lot of fans on the internet seem to ...

WWE Kid’s Show: How It Would Work for WWE

Posted by Joanna Parker On January - 3 - 2011
You’ve probably heard by now that WWE has confirmed the return of Tough Enough, with a new series starting the night after WrestleMania. Unsurprisingly, several internet fans have instantly commented on the similarities and differences between former series of Tough Enough, NXT and what they expect to see from the upcoming series. This got me thinking about the different shows WWE has put out there over the years to supplement the main Raw, SmackDown and ECW broadcasts, such as NXT, Superstars, Heat, WWE Vintage and many others. As I often do while watching WWE programming, I found myself again asking how the ...