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To start, let me say this: I enjoy both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan equally as performers.  I have no personal preference for Bryan over CM Punk when I suggest that he should beat CM Punk at Over the Limit for the WWE title this Sunday. Rather, taking the broad view, I believe it would be best for Punk to drop the title to Bryan for a litany of reasons, none of which, include my personal preference. I simply believe that overall, there is an opportunity here for the WWE to capitalize on something that would benefit Bryan, Punk and the fans, ...

The Road To Wrestlemania: Mutually Assured Destruction

Posted by John CobbCorn On August - 27 - 2010
Hello, everyone, this is my entry into for the Road to Wrestlemania contest. I hope that you all enjoy the story. Peace. Begin Slideshow

WWE: Dreaming The Shattered Dream

Posted by John CobbCorn On August - 24 - 2010
He sits wide-eyed staring at the images on his television screen. He is enthralled by the vivid and visceral imagery he sees, his young brain barely able to comprehend it all. “This is awesome!”, He whispers inside of his own mind, too engrossed in the action set before him to even verbalize his young thoughts. As he watches massive athletes jump, and kick, and punch and throw each other like wild men, the youngster almost has no choice but to join the ranks of millions of fans of the brutal ballet known as “Professional Wrestling.” But this child, he’s not like the others.  For ...

Pass or Fail: Breaking Down What NXT Has Given The WWE Universe

Posted by John CobbCorn On August - 18 - 2010
I will unabashedly tell you, that WWE NXT is my favorite of all of the shows the WWE produces.  I know most people like Raw or Smackdown, but for me, NXT is where it's at.I love NXT because it let's you get a glimpse of the future of the WWE. You get fresh faces.  And they aren't handled in the way rookies who just appear on Raw or Smackdown are.  They actually get the chance to talk. They get the chance to showcase their skills and what they can do, without having to worry about being fed to John Cena or ...

Abused and Misused: The Top Ten Guys WWE Are Booking Incorrectly

Posted by John CobbCorn On August - 17 - 2010
WWE is supposed to be in some sort of "youth revolution," if Vince McMahon is to be believed. We're supposed to be seeing the elevation of brand new superstars in the wake of retirements and injuries of the established stars like HBK, Batista, Triple H and The Undertaker. However, taking a look at the current state of WWE, when one looks over on Raw, it's still John Cena shooting everybody with eyebeams and surviving direct nuclear attacks. It's still Randy Orton crushing everyone within reach with an RKO. (Which I don't mind too much, because Orton is awesome. But it's not conducive to ...

The Winds of Change Tap Again

Posted by John CobbCorn On August - 16 - 2010
At Summerslam, you might have thought that you saw a 6’5” Englishman tapping to a FAR inferior opponent in the main event. You might have even thought you saw a far more athletic and agile South African crash and burn, and get pinned by, again, a FAR inferior opponent.  However, in reality, what you saw was the hopes of countless fans, and their never-ending desire to see something original, get pinned underneath the over-inflated muscles of an imaginary Superman. What you saw, was any semblance of an entertaining future within the WWE, tap out in that ring last night.  Oh, ...