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“Raw” Needs to Stop Wade Barrett From Bullying John Cena

Posted by John Stebbins On October - 12 - 2010
In the "Attitude Era," the now-WWE faced controversy for the sexual and violent natures of their shows. Many thought they had taken care of that with the so-called "PG Era." However, I saw something that caused me more concern than any middle finger "Stone Cold" Steve Austin flipped with Wade Barrett's treatment of John Cena on the last two episodes of "Monday Night Raw." Now, I'm not a John Cena fan per se. He's entertaining - don't get me wrong, and I understand the longtime "SuperCena" character has had its place. But this isn't about him going to Nexus, turning heel, or staying ...

WWE Divas: Smart, Sexy, Powerful and Underutilized

Posted by John Stebbins On June - 13 - 2010
There‘s no doubting the buzz that WWE Raw has gotten in the pro wrestling world. The brutal NXT Invasion (including the off-camera status of Bryan Danielson), an influx of prepared tag teams, Bret Hart as GM, and a slew of mid-carders ready to elevate themselves to push out a depleted stable of main-eventers that’s aging anyway. But if the WWE is going to usher in a so-called “Attitude Era II,” there’s one element that’s missing, or certainly lacking at the moment from “this fan’s” perspective: The Women. In the Attitude Era, the WWE was able to establish superstars like Trish Stratus, ...