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WWE News: D-Generation X Reuniting at 1,000th Episode of Raw

Posted by Justin Watry On June - 2 - 2012
It has been an interesting week in the world of wrestling. While June is still to be seen, there is no doubt that July will be very memorable. According to a new report, Shawn Michaels and Triple H will appear as D-Generation X on the 1,000th episode of Raw on July 23rd. The show takes place in St. Louis. Also of note is Randy Orton no longer being advertised to appear at the show in his hometown. The only other advertisement is John Cena vs. Big Show and John Laurinaitis. Of course, that is the night Raw moves to three hours each ...
Smackdown was another solid show last night. While the Blue Brand is not always noteworthy, the two hours is always well done.With No Way Out in about two weeks, I expected to see a few matches set up for the pay-per-view. On that note, I got what I wanted. As for all the extra segments, it was a little hit or miss. On my grade scale, WWE gets a B-.What were the highlights? Let's find out!Begin Slideshow

WWE No Way out 2006: Top 5 Moments from Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker

Posted by Justin Watry On June - 1 - 2012
In 2006, No Way Out was a Smackdown exclusive pay-per-view once again. To be honest, this show did not have many redeeming qualities. I am sorry, but it just was not worth the time or money.Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio had a fun feud over a future World Title match. The undercard was dreadful. You could definitely see the "official" brand extension coming to an end. Months later, ECW was added to Smackdown shows (and tours).The one bright spot was Undertaker challenging Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship. With that being said, let's focus on the five best moments ...
Smackdown has been a pretty good show the past few months. The only issue I see is that so many new talents are on the Blue Brand without much to do. While that may or may not be the reason for recent ratings slump, it is still worth noting. This past Friday's show drew a 1.8 rating with 2.63 million viewers.  My Thoughts on This News With the Raw rating being delayed this week due to the holiday, it is time to look at how well Smackdown is performing on television. Needless to say, it is very disappointing to see the rating ...

WWE Raw Results: Top 15 Moments from Last Night’s Show (5/28)

Posted by Justin Watry On May - 29 - 2012
Raw was a much better show this week around. Last week just had no energy at all, outside of a few segments after Over the Limit. The Red brand delivered a solid effort on a holiday edition of Raw.While the television rating will likely be down because of that, I give credit to WWE for not taking the week off. They could have easily done nothing major, but they entertained (B grade) for two hours.What were the highlights? Let's find out!Begin Slideshow

WWE Suspending Chris Jericho for 30 Days Was the Right Move

Posted by Justin Watry On May - 26 - 2012
Much has been made about Chris Jericho in the past few months. First, he made a "silent" return to WWE in early January. Many doubted his intentions upon coming back, but he made CM Punk is primary target in no time. From their great WrestleMania match to the excellent street fight at Extreme Rules, it was clear that Jericho was not back for "wins" or "losses." Just like Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels, title victories meant very little to him. Thus, making the next group of stars look like a million bucks was his goal in returning this year. ...

WWE SmackDown: Top 5 Reasons Sin Cara Needs To Return Right Now

Posted by Justin Watry On May - 26 - 2012
Last night on SmackDown, it was revealed that Sin Cara is returning next week. Most fans remember his rough year in 2011. Make no mistake, he did not have a strong debut for the company.However, I am confident that he will come back ready to prove the doubters wrong. Not only that, but the Blue Brand really does need him to appear each week.Here are the top five reasons why.Begin Slideshow

WWE Smackdown Results: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Posted by Justin Watry On May - 25 - 2012
Smackdown was a solid show for WWE. There was a little bit of build for No Way Out, and we saw some nice wrestling matches. On my grading scale, I would place it in the B-range.   The Good Eve Torres was in charge tonight. That was fine by me. I would have liked to see her boss around Teddy Long a little bit, but that was not the case. Her opening promo was good. Alberto Del Rio, Kane and Randy Orton coming out and wanting a world title made sense. The triple threat main event was a great hook for the rest of ...

WWE News: Raw Rating Increases After over the Limit

Posted by Justin Watry On May - 22 - 2012
Last night, WWE delivered a below average Raw. While nothing was terrible, not much was very spectacular either. That is simply my opinion, but it is time to look at Raw's numbers. For a reminder, last week's Raw drew a 2.94 rating. That number showed a very low first hour with a nice gain during the second hour. This week, WWE saw a small ratings increase. The first hour drew 4,168,000 million viewers. The second hour drew 4,144,000 million viewers. The official number for Raw was a 3.0 rating. My Thoughts on This News First, let's get the competition excuse out the ...

WWE Raw Results: Top 15 Moments from Last Night’s Show

Posted by Justin Watry On May - 22 - 2012
Over the Limit on Sunday night delivered in a big, big way. Everybody that paid for the show seems to have gotten their money's worth. Sadly, Raw was not up to par.I liked a lot of what we saw on Monday night, but the entire night seemed to go nowhere. As positive as I am in life, I can't grade the Red Brand any higher than a C+. Everybody worked hard, but this was a long two hours...What were the highlights? Let's find out!Begin Slideshow