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Pointless Theory: An Interpretation of Ryback’s Squash Matches

Posted by Kaizar Cantu On June - 30 - 2012
I’m not a fan of squash-oriented long-term booking, especially in gargantuan promotions such as the WWE. My guess is that WWE competitors are paid very generous quantities. If the individual in question receives such amounts of money for squashing no-names in less than three minutes for months, then what a waste of money that is. Anyhow, Ryback’s flash demolition derbies are mildly entertaining. It is the equivalent of dropping live mice in a glass container occupied by your pet snake. He has slightly developed a technique to his stiff treatment of local talent. But that’s not the Ryback reading intended ...

Realism in Pro Wrestling: A Change of Heart, or the Babyface-Heel Dilemma

Posted by Kaizar Cantu On December - 17 - 2011
This is the second article of a series dubbed “Realism in Pro Wrestling” in which the appropriate use of storytelling devices in professional wrestling will be put into consideration. The concept “realism” will be handled here as a synonym of congruency and consistency in the narrative. I recommend you to consult the opening segment (text in italics) of the first article for a wider understanding of what lies behind the series. Once more, I encourage readers, especially wrestling historians and “scholars”, to share cases outside of professional wrestling’s mainstream contemporary landscape. *** Watch this match. Through actions, technique and ...

√úbermensch: WWE’s Most Powerful Problem

Posted by Kaizar Cantu On December - 3 - 2010
Übermensch: Commonly understood as “Over-man” or “Super-man”; referent to a superior form of human species which transcends any common conception of the aforementioned. No, the definition presented above does not refer specifically to John Thuganomics Cena; he’s only the tip of the iceberg, thus becoming IWC’s prime victim. The term übermensch will be used here to acknowledge a cast of WWE superstars whose booking has been inconveniently strong for a long time; so strong that they have reached a point of semi-godly (and in some cases, truly godly) status in the ring; hence, they are pretty much untouchable most times. John Cena, ...

Silly Bully Boys: What Shall Happen to Wrestling’s Big Men?

Posted by Kaizar Cantu On July - 30 - 2010
For the past 15 years or so, it seems high-flyers have become the hottest act in most (if not all) wrestling promotions, especially those based on American soil. From Antonio Rocca, Mil Mascaras, and Jimmy Snuka, through the mid-90s cruiserweight invasion and all the way to AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne, wrestling fans always seem to have a thing for high-flying action, big impact moves and “who’s-holding-who” submission wrestling.  And, honestly, who could blame them? This preference has been putting smaller men in the spotlight of the indie scene and some mainstream promotions all over USA’s pro-wrestling landscape; such ...