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WWE: 3 Storylines That Should Be Revived, 3 That Should Die

Posted by Nathan Giese On September - 24 - 2011
In professional wrestling, making a storyline seem credible and coherent is a very tricky task.  It takes a lot of time and effort try and make the audience believe in the story they are trying to tell.Many times, there are stories that are taken too far (Katie Vick and Mae Young giving birth to a hand), while there are others that never get the attention and follow-through to make them work.WWE has green lighted some very pointless and disturbing stories.  Others never get to see their conclusions, or their conclusions are poorly thought out and given very little background information.Today, ...

Zack Ryder: Your Future WWE United States Champion

Posted by Nathan Giese On September - 23 - 2011
Social media can make people famous.  It can elevate the popularity of a lesser known star and establish a following for them.That's exactly what has happened to Zack Ryder's career.  Ryder was going nowhere in the WWE  so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Always full of charisma and energy, Ryder took to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to try to make his voice heard.  He started to post Youtube videos chronicling his struggle to make it big in the wrestling world.  Z! True Long Island Story has become a hit with fans of wrestling from ...