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WWE TLC: Would Changing Its Date Help The Pay-Per-View?

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On December - 18 - 2010
With most articles about the WWE TLC PPV on this site are about predictions, I'm going to take a different route. Long gone are the days of spears from one ladder to another, but would changing the date of TLC help the PPV?  Here are two reasons why.   Reason No. 1: TLC is In Between Two of the Big Four, Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble Survivor Series is in November and the Royal Rumble is in January. Most wrestling fans like buying the Big Four PPVs, which means spending around 100 dollars if one were to buy the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series. ...

CvC: CM Punk Versus Jeff Hardy Is the Greatest Rivalry

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On December - 10 - 2010
A feud is defined as a battle between two or more wrestlers or stables, often involving matches, promos, and angles. The following article will analyze the feud between the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy and the Straightedge Savior CM Punk.   Recap It all started when CM Punk won the Money in the Bank Ladder match at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania. That night, Jeff Hardy lost an Extreme Rules match to his brother Matt Hardy after the latter cost him the WWE Championship at the 2009 Royal Rumble PPV. During the 2009 WWE Draft, Matt Hardy was drafted to RAW, thus ending his feud with his brother ...

Do Not Get Your Hopes Up: John Cena Is NOT Turning Heel

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On November - 21 - 2010
I want it. You want it. We want it. The IWC wants it. WWE needs it. But it just won't happen. A trending topic lately in the IWC has been a John Cena heel turn. Why not? His character is stale, his matches are predictable, it's just getting old. With Survivor Series a mere six hours away, I will state what I think will happen at Survivor Series and beyond. Please note that the following article will not include merchandise sales.   No. 1: Money In The Bank Situation: Let's face it, practically all MITB briefcase holders have been transitional champions. I think the Miz ...

WWE: List Of Superstars Who Have Just Been Released

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On November - 19 - 2010
As you might have read earlier on Bleacher Report, Shad Gaspard has been officially released from his contract. Here is a list of other superstars who have also been future endeavored:   Tiffany This is no surprise; she is not what I would call good in the ring. I think she sealed her fate after her domestic troubles with husband and WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre.   Luke Gallows Also, not a surprise, as he was barely seen on TV after the Straight Edge Society was split up. I'm not pissed about this; the dude was basically a jobber.   Vance Archer Another jobber. His fate was sealed after his tag team with Curt Hawkins (Gatecrashers) ...

CM Punk’s Injury: What It Means

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On November - 7 - 2010
Hello, bleachers! As we've all come to know, CM Punk has been injured and is expected to be out for three months. This is a huge blow to the WWE and to their fans, as we were seeing the beginning of a Daniel Bryan-CM Punk feud. In the following article, I will analyze what CM Punk's injury means to Monday Night RAW.   Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk Will Be Put on Hold On the October 25 edition of Monday Night RAW, we witnessed what could be the start of a Daniel Bryan-CM Punk feud. CM Punk was on commentary, and he distracted Daniel ...

WWE’s Golden Boy John Cena: My Thoughts

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On October - 28 - 2010
Hello, Bleachers! Long time no write, so let's get down to it! First off, this article is a direct response to two John Cena articles. The first being pro Cena (to some extent), and the other being against Cena. First article, written by Iam D Real Deal yo. Second article, written by Sumz. Now, I have nothing against these writers, except their somewhat outlandish names (with all due respect). With that being said, let me give you my views on the man dubbed as "SuperCena" by many.   Can This Man Wrestle? Of course he can. I mean, don't No Mercy, Vengeance, and Survivor Series mean anything? Now ...

CM Punk’s Move to RAW: Four Guys He Can Feud With

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On October - 7 - 2010
Hello Bleachers, this is THE MOST ELECTRIFYING B/R WRESTLING SECTION WRITER and I'm here to present to you a work of art by yours truly, Raghid Al-Ayache.As we all know, Edge has been traded back to SmackDown in a move that will finally settle him in a feud, as he has just recently been working as a filler in RAW main events.However, I'm here to discuss the man that will be moving to RAW as a result of this trade, which many believe to be CM Punk.If this is true, I have four men that Punk can feud with over at RAW.Without further ado, ...

The Feed With Raghid: Hell In A Cell, Triple H, The Miz

Posted by Raghid Al-Ayache On October - 3 - 2010
Hello, bleachers! Just to clear it all up, the title does rhyme, because my name is pronounced like Rageed, but Raghid is in French.Before I begin, this is strictly my opinion, so don't start bashing at me, okay?Anyway, I'll be doing this each month if you guys like it, so don't forget to comment on your thoughts and like. Enough with the BS, let's get down to it.Begin Slideshow