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WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres Fights Back: A Glimmer of Hope?

Posted by Renee Gerber On March - 24 - 2011
What's up, Bleachers?! This past Monday on RAW, Michael Cole struck yet again. During a non-title match between Maryse and Divas champion Eve Torres, he once again started shooting off at the lip, rudely interrupting the action. The action actually made me wonder if a WWE writer, or even Vince McMahon himself, had seen some of the articles published up here on Bleacher Report lately! However, this time there was a slight difference during this match and the one between Nikki Bella and the Divas champion from a week and a half earlier—Eve actually reacted to Cole's rudeness and, needless to say, she was ...

Snooki at WrestleMania: Yet Another Slap in the Face of the WWE Divas

Posted by Renee Gerber On March - 16 - 2011
Well, Bleachers, it's happening yet again... Should we really even be surprised anymore? Last week, during RAW, we had Michael Cole stand up and shout out during the Divas Championship match, demanding it end when it was barely halfway through. That was horribly disrespectful—and now, there's another slap in the face of the WWE divas for further disrespect toward these women. This week on RAW, it was announced that TV reality star Snooki, of Jersey Shore, will be teaming up with John Morrison and Trish Stratus in a mixed tag match against Dolph Ziggler and LayCool at WrestleMania 27. Are you freakin' kidding ...

Michael Cole Buries an Entire Division—Way to Go, WWE!

Posted by Renee Gerber On March - 12 - 2011
Here we go again, Bleachers. Time to get something off my chest—again.This past Monday on RAW, I witnessed something that utterly disgusted me. I'd gotten a small peek at it before, during Season Three of NXT, when the show featured all rookie divas.What occurred during NXT was bad enough...but for it to happen live on RAW, during an actual championship match was sickening and infuriating at the same time.I'm of course referring to the Divas Championship match, when current champion Eve defended the title against Nikki Bella. Michael Cole had the absolute nerve to stand up and interrupt the match, ...

Stratusfaction: Will Trish Stratus Wrestle One More WWE Match?

Posted by Renee Gerber On February - 25 - 2011
Hey, Bleachers! By now, everyone knows that Trish Stratus made a triumphant return to the WWE this past Sunday at Elimination Chamber. She was introduced by Booker T and announced as a trainer for the resurrected Tough Enough. As a longtime fan of Trish, I found myself marking out over this amazing news! She gave the WWE fans in attendance and those of us watching at home exactly what we wanted: our dose of entertainment. Or should I say, "Stratusfaction?" Trish showed her goofy, comical side while in the ring with Booker T. She did a whole schtick of mimicking The Rock and then ...

Girls Like to Play, Too: Why No WWE Diva Elimination Chamber Match?

Posted by Renee Gerber On February - 19 - 2011
Hello, Bleachers! Long time no see... I'm back in time for the WWE's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view taking place tomorrow night. An idea came to me this morning that was actually brought up by one of the divas a couple of years ago.I can't recall who mentioned it, but it involves the women of WWE having their very own Elimination Chamber match, fighting it out for the title in the chamber. Naturally, and needless to say, the divas are not competing in such a brutal, in-your-face match. As of now, it's looking like there won't even be a regular match involving ...
Hello, Bleachers! This one is a few days late, but it's been a crazy week yet again...but of course, all of you reading right now knew that I would have to cover this topic. So, the Royal Rumble came and went, and we had some surprises concerning the Divas Championship match. Originally slated to be another handicap contest between champ Natalya and the pesky, ever-present LayCool, it was not meant to be. Through Michael Cole and the MacBook, we discovered that the anonymous RAW General Manager changed the match so that LayCool would have no extra edge in the bout, and we were now ...

LayCool Back in the Title Picture: Really, WWE?!

Posted by Renee Gerber On January - 25 - 2011
Who was actually surprised with the outcome of last night's Divas Championship match? Show of hands... Well, you're not alone, because I wasn't surprised, either. I think we all knew about a week into Natalya's latest feud that Melina becoming No. 1 contender for the Divas Championship was just a filler, unfortunately. The WWE could have done so much more with this storyline, for starters, having Melina explain her actions in turning on and slapping the Dungeon diva. That never happened, not even when she sat at the announcer's table on last week's RAW during Natalya's non-title match against Maryse! In addition, Melina ...

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre: Tortured Soul, or a Class-A Jerk?

Posted by Renee Gerber On January - 24 - 2011
Hello, Bleachers! Since my other article about Drew McIntyre and Kelly Kelly, which I wrote for another site, was recently plagiarized, I decided I owed it to the Bleacher readers to write a new piece on this topic right here. Okay, with that out of the way, let's get to the article... Two weeks ago on SmackDown, the Sinister Scotsman found himself in the doghouse with the object of his affection, Kelly Kelly, after he brutalized his opponent, Trent Barreta, after the match in which he lost. Kelly gave him a verbal beatdown, letting him know that she wanted nothing to do with ...

10 Things That Should Happen in the WWE in 2011

Posted by Renee Gerber On January - 17 - 2011
Hello, Bleachers!I should have had this one out two weeks ago...I wanted to touch on a few things that I feel should happen in the WWE in our brand new year of 2011. I feel quite passionately about the topics you will read in this slideshow, and I hope you do as well about at least a few of them.So, without further delay, let's go!Begin Slideshow

WWE Superstar John Morrison as No. 1 Contender: What Was the Point?

Posted by Renee Gerber On January - 13 - 2011
It's been about a week and a half now, and the question must be asked: What was the point of WWE superstar John Morrison being made No. 1 contender for the Miz's WWE Championship? Last month, at the TLC pay-per-view, the Monday Night Delight earned the No. 1 contendership after defeating King Sheamus in a ladder match. It was a heartfelt win for Morrison, who had been toying around in the mid-card for the longest time. It seemed as though a whole new door was opening for the talented high-flyer, and the future looked incredibly bright. But then, two and a half ...