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Ring of Honor Review (8/18/12): Tag Tourney & Rhino/Steen at DBD X

Posted by rites ofpatches On September - 1 - 2012
A week after a disappointing Boiling Point, Ring of Honor had nowhere to go but up. With their next pay-per-view approaching, Ring of Honor Wrestling needed to put itself back on the map. Some technical issues hurt the overall feel of the show, but ROH was successful in starting the build towards Death Before Dishonor X.Begin Slideshow

ROH Review: Showdown Through Best in the World (Part 2)

Posted by rites ofpatches On July - 20 - 2012
If you had asked for my thoughts on Ring of Honor before Best in the World, I would have been enthusiastically positive. The end of the Richards Era, the Kevin Steen Freight Train, the Briscoes/Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team rivalry and consistently fantastic matches from Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin and Eddie Edwards had me in an excellent mood leading up to Best in the World. Although the underwhelming Best in the World made my enthusiasm far more guarded, the last few months of Ring of Honor have made me optimistic for what is to come. Here are a few more thoughts ...

ROH Review: Showdown Through Best in the World (Part 1)

Posted by rites ofpatches On July - 17 - 2012
With coaching and teaching responsibilities finished and another set of young minds sent on their way, I once again have the time to share some thoughts and analyses about Ring of Honor.While I haven’t had the time to exhaustively review each episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling from the last several months, I have made the time to watch every week. Without further ado, here are some thoughts concerning the last few (mostly) excellent months of Ring of Honor.  (Writer’s Note: I was in Britain for the last two weeks. Most of this was written before I left. These thoughts ...

Ring of Honor Review (3/24/12): Setup for Showdown; Writer Takes Hiatus

Posted by rites ofpatches On April - 10 - 2012
Several weeks ago, Ring of Honor held their 10th  Anniversary Event pay-per-view.The show was great, but the go-home episode of Ring of Honor Wrestling was terrible, failing to promote the next night’s show in even a rudimentary fashion. This time, they mostly got it right. Ring of Honor did a nice job setting up Showdown in the Sun while still featuring two quality wrestling matches. Programming Note: Friends, this will be my last ROH review for a while. It’s baseball season and with coaching duties piled atop my teaching duties, I don’t have the time or energy to spend several ...

Ring of Honor: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards Destroy Pro Wrestling

Posted by rites ofpatches On February - 11 - 2012
Imagine a Star Wars movie where the Jedi and the Sith are dueling. They both stab each other with their lightsabers. They wince in pain, but do not die. That ruins the scene, right? That actually undoes the reality of that entire universe, right? At Ring of Honor’s Final Battle, Eddie Edwards challenged his former tag team partner Davey Richards for the ROH Championship. It was the rubber match between the two, determining once and for all who was the better man. Their match at Final Battle was a masterpiece of technical wrestling, but it came at the cost of ...
Ring of Honor’s last pay-per-view of the year, Final Battle, made for some excellent entertainment. It was my first Ring of Honor pay-per-view and their first of a new era.ROH signed a television deal with Sinclair Broadcasting in May and began weekly episodes on its new home in late September.Final Battle delivered some great matches and incredible drama, but it failed to deliver a satisfying main event.  *Three things you should know before you begin: 1) I’ve been an on-again-off-again wrestling fan. I watched from 2000-2005 and a few months in 2007. You’ve probably already guessed that CM Punk’s promo ...