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Controversy in the WWE: Top Controversial Moments

Posted by Ron Johnson On June - 12 - 2010
Whether or not the Daniel Bryan firing is the end of Bryan Danielson's career with the WWE or not, the reason for his firing is definitely one of the more controversial moments in the "PG" era of the WWE. Here are some of the controversial moments that led to negative reactions by fans and the public.Begin Slideshow

Christian and Top WWE Stars Needing a Push

Posted by Ron Johnson On June - 11 - 2010
As SummerSlam comes closer for the WWE, it got me thinking about the superstars who deserve a push for the World and WWE Heavyweight Championships.Begin Slideshow

WrestleMania 26 Preview: Destruction in the Desert

Posted by Ron Johnson On March - 31 - 2010
This is a late entry from Sunday. Due to YouTube's attempts to prevent this from happening, it's going down now. So without further adieu, here's an addition from an old face from Bleacher Report. Enjoy. Click here to view.Read more Pro Wrestling news on

WWE RAW Rewind: The Head Games Continue…

Posted by Ron Johnson On September - 21 - 2009
RAW opens up in Little Rock, Ark., with the arrival of the Gateway Entourage, the Bella Twins and tonight’s Guest Host, Cedric the Entertainer. With that, the show goes live with the arrival of DX!   Triple H w/Shawn Michaels vs. Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase Following their usual opening promos, and after giving their resume about Hell in the Cell, the physicality begins. Thanks to a distraction, Cody gets the upper hand. Cody takes the fight from pillar to post, which is exactly where Cody’s shoulder is introduced to not once, not twice but three times. Triple H locks in a Crossface. Back in the ...

WWE Breaking Point: The Resurrection of the Montreal Screw Job

Posted by Ron Johnson On September - 14 - 2009
Last night, I was enjoying some pretty good football games. Then my buddy Liz sent me a message about last night's WWE Breaking Point. I may not be 100 percent active on B/R, but I am still active in the wrestling world. After checking out the recap, there were several things that drove me crazy about what happened last night. And I'm ready to vent them all in one swift article.   WWE Unified Tag Team Championships Over the last two months, Chris Jericho & Big Show aka The Walls of Show-icho aka Beauty and The Beast aka Christina and Big Slow have reigned as ...

WWE RAW Rewind: American Dream to American Nightmare

Posted by Ron Johnson On August - 31 - 2009
RAW goes live at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan with the announcement that Kofi Kingston will face Jack Swagger, Carlito and The Miz for the United States Championship. On top of all that, Big Show will face Mark Henry one on one, and Chris Jericho will face MVP. With that, The American Dream makes his first appearance to the fans of Detroit Rock City. Dusty Rhodes takes a trip down memory lane as he remembers when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in this very city. He makes it clear that he’s proud of his son Cody Rhodes, ...

This Week in Pro Wrestling: Will Anarchy Return?

Posted by Ron Johnson On August - 31 - 2009
Pro Wrestling has been a slight stalemate as of late. But despite all that, did anyone happen to see just how hot TNA President DIxie Carter was? Or the fact that she was sending signals to Bobby Lashley during their interview? RAW had a great ending with Vince McMahon joining forces with longtime rivals DX to take out Legacy. William Regal used his hired muscles to get another shot at Christian's ECW Championship. And the WWE Universe saw the final curtain call of Jeff Hardy. So what does this week have in store for the Wrestling Universe?Begin Slideshow

WWE SummerSlam Switchback: The Darkness Returns!

Posted by Ron Johnson On August - 24 - 2009
Last night left more questions than answers. From McMahon's countless attempts to dethrone Randy Orton to a Phenom-enal return at the end of the night, Summerslam was a night of hits...and misses. With that, here's the rewind from last night's Biggest Party of the Summer! Before Summerslam begins, DX is up to their usual antics as they play around with the preview. After breaking the tape, DX tries to fix the problem. Following an unsuccessful attempt to fix it, Triple H makes it clear that the fans got the message: WE’RE BACK! The show finally goes live in The City of Angels to ...

WWE Summerslam Preview: Can You Stand the Heat?

Posted by Ron Johnson On August - 23 - 2009
The WWE is on a collision course with TNA as both promotions are having one of their biggest events in the City of Angels. With Bound For Glory set for LA in October, the WWE returns to the Staples Center. But there is no Nuggets vs. Lakers rivalry happening in this showdown. Instead, we get the biggest party of the summer topped off with the return of the biggest faction in WWE History, the return of one of the most dangerous matches in WWE History and the return of one of the biggest rivalries in WWE History. With that, here is the ...

TNA Hard Justice: Did TNA Drop The Ball…Again?

Posted by Ron Johnson On August - 18 - 2009
Everyone has shot out their fair share of their disdain for this past Sunday's TNA Hard Justice. Now it's my turn. But before I start, I would like to tell TNA that you listened to us at Bleacher Report. You heard our cries for change, and gave us a ray of hope... All that for about five minutes. After giving us a vulnerable spot in the Mafia, and following that up with the biggest riot in TNA History, you gave us a mediocre at best pay per view that consisted of this: #1) The Main Event Elite holds 98% of the power in ...