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7 Ways Alberto Del Rio Is the Right Choice for WWE World Champion

Posted by Ryan Meisner On March - 15 - 2013
Hey boys and girls. As we roll on toward the glory and splendor of WrestleMania, I'd like to take a moment to focus on a match that is being kicked under the carpet a bit in the lead up to the event. I'm talking about the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio, and more specifically, I'm talking about how and why Del Rio should retain his title against the All-American. I'm going to hit you with seven reasons why Alberto Del Rio should not only retain the title at WrestleMania, but should go right on ...

Who Is the Next Big Thing? A WWE NXT Scouting Report

Posted by Ryan Meisner On February - 12 - 2013
Of all the things that I've ever been asked to do since I started writing about wrestling on the Internet, easily the most often requested is that I shed some light on the men and women currently in development for WWE.It's long been an interest of mine to keep an eye on the people coming up through the system, but most people don't have the time or inclination to watch those shows and see what the future may hold.So today I'll be giving you a guided tour through the mysterious world of tomorrow, and I'll be grading the prospects with ...

It Wasn’t Always Bad: The 5 Greatest Feuds in TNA History

Posted by Ryan Meisner On February - 2 - 2013
Today we're going to be looking TNA and more specifically at the good side of TNA, which is not always an easy thing to do but which occasionally needs to be done.  We'll be focusing on the 5 best feuds that the company ever produced. In all probability at least one of the feuds on this list is the reason why you have stuck through TNA through thick and thin, hoping all the while that things will get better (mine is number 1), and for the rest of you, these will serve as incontrovertible proof that even if TNA died ...

10 Shocking Surprises That Changed Professional Wrestling Forever

Posted by Ryan Meisner On January - 22 - 2013
Today, I have rounded up what I feel are the 10 of the biggest surprises in wrestling history. These are things that not only shocked us at the time, but which also left a mark on the wrestling industry that could be felt for years and years afterwards.  Some of these moments were completely out of left field, and some we really should have seen coming, but each of them changed the very nature of this industry from that point forward.Begin Slideshow

The 5 Best Wrestling Feuds from Before You Were Born

Posted by Ryan Meisner On January - 11 - 2013
Tonight we're going to be dealing with something a little different.  Rather than turning back the clock to when we were teenagers or when we were kids, we're going to turn the clock all the way back to when we weren't anything at all.See, it's a common fallacy of people to only really regard the things that have happened in your lifetime as important and not to factor in things that went on before. Wrestling is no different.  If you think back to the days before Hulkamania it probably seems like sort of a big empty period of random title ...

10 Things to Know Before Going to an Indy Wrestling Show

Posted by Ryan Meisner On January - 5 - 2013
I'm here today to bring you fine upstanding people some tips and tricks to help you navigate the strange and mysterious world of independent wrestling shows.For many years, countless young men and women have gone to attend their first Indy show without any real concept of what it was they were getting themselves into.Today, we'll change all that by providing the Internet's most definitive list of what you'll need to know to get you through a long day of watching fat old guys wrestle skinny young guys, while they get heckled by fat young guys and skinny old guys.When you leave this ...