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Ranking the 10 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History

Posted by Scott Carasik On December - 11 - 2012
Hulk Hogan's leg drop built an organization, but it is not one of the top 10 WWE finishers of all-time. While Hogan hulking up and body slamming people turned the WWE into the biggest wrestling organization in the world, his finisher was lame. The best finishers in WWE have three things in common: high impact, a signature user and a big-time event that put it on the map.Follow along as we go through the top 10 WWE finishers of all-time.Begin Slideshow

Breaking Down the Shield as the Best Young Faction in WWE

Posted by Scott Carasik On November - 27 - 2012
The Shield made it's debut last night as a true faction. WWE fans got introduced to the Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns combination in an interview with announcer Michael Cole that drew memories of the first DX, NWO or even Nation of Domination interview.They originally made a silent debut—one without a promo—at Survivor Series and then also the next night at Raw. They looked to be originally aligned as either Paul Heyman guys or CM Punk's cronies.Then, this interview happened. They claimed it was only about protecting the injustices. It was about being a shield against the tyranny ...
Santino Marella is a complete joke as the United States champion. It's about time for him to drop the title and for the midcard image to be restored in the WWE to what it once was: a launching point for future main-event competitors.Marella has been joking around with his Cobra finisher for too long as a champion. The worst thing is that he doesn't even defend his title. There are quite a few good candidates who should take it from him in an effort to restore and rebuild the midcard. Antonio CesaroCesaro is probably the weakest competitor that the WWE can throw ...

WWE: 7 Matches That Should Be Booked as the Money in the Bank Card

Posted by Scott Carasik On June - 19 - 2012
WWE Money In the Bank is supposed to be a proving ground for some of the newer wrestlers. With feuds finally being set up in WWE, here is what the promotion should do for the Money in the Bank card.A couple of things to keep in mind when looking at the card:1) The matches are in order of how they should be shown2) Some of these are feuds that are current and some are feuds that are on their way to starting3) A couple of the matches will feel a bit random, but it's the WWE, it is a bit random.Begin Slideshow
Eve Torres is currently WWE Executive John Laurinaitis' Executive Administrator. While this is an excellent fit for her storyline, you have to wonder why she isn't the full-on general manager herself. Fans seem to be tired of the whole Johnny Ace development, and some fresh blood would be great to help boost fan interest. Laurinaitis has no business on television and hasn't come off as anything but stale, but the best part of his storyline has been the concurrent narrative that has Eve Torres taking out Zach Ryder, playing head games with multiple superstars to even get herself a WrestleMania match ...

WWE: Over the Limit Should Be Replaced with King of the Ring

Posted by Scott Carasik On May - 19 - 2012
Over The Limit is WWE's May pay-per-view event, and it has been a complete letdown for the past three years in terms of the matches and storylines leading up to it. There has been only a three-week buildup every time, and the time would be better allocated with something that is truly traditional for the WWE: King of the Ring.In its truest form, King Of The Ring is something that has been done since the start of the WWE and has been something fans have been missing for years as well. The last three King of the Ring tournaments only consisted of ...