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The Top 20

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 25 - 2010
What is a “One Hit Wonder”? These are individuals that were afforded just one singles title reign with WWE. The championships, as recognized by WWE, are: WWE Championship World Heavyweight Championship Intercontinental Championship United States Championship Cruiserweight Championship ECW Championship ECW Television Championship European Championship Hardcore Championship Light Heavyweight Championship WCW World Championship So, without further ado, here are my Top 20 “One Hit Wonders” of WWE. Begin Slideshow

NXT Nexus: Fueled By Cole?

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 22 - 2010
One of the best aspects of being part of the WWE Universe is watching all of the IWC pundits grab their crystal balls and attempt to foresee just where wrestling’s most unbelievable stories are heading. Everyone has heard the announcement that Bret Hart was relieved from his General Manager duties and has been replaced by an anonymous GM that communicates via email. Of course, this leads to widespread speculation as to who this mystery GM is. The fans have conjured up a list of candidates that range from plausible, such as Triple H, to highly unlikely, like The Rock.   ...

NXT Season 2: Team Rankings

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 16 - 2010
NXT is merely two weeks into the second season, but that won’t deter the IWC from expressing their rankings, as early as it may seem. But considering the season is still in its infancy, I’ve decided to take a different approach to compose my rankings. As we all know, each NXT Rookie is assigned a WWE Pro to serve as his mentor. If the Pros are the supposed coaches for these Rookies, then their abilities must be taken into account when assessing the value of the Rookies. This arrangement shows what I feel is each Rookie’s current rank combined with my rank ...

Global Appeal: The 10 Best Non-American Superstars

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 10 - 2010
As professional wrestling organizations continue to market themselves as a global product, it has become increasingly essential to employ and promote superstars that hail from various points across the globe. I have compiled my personal top 10 list of current superstars that most encompass the international marketability so desired by wrestling organizations. I’ll also preface my list by stating that I have not included the numerous Canadian superstars because I feel that Canada partners with the American entertainment market. Basically, these superstars were not born on North American soil. Begin Slideshow

Wrestling’s Next Invasion: Lucha Libre USA

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 9 - 2010
We all know “the invasion” is dominating the Internet chatter, but later this month we will have another invasion of sorts to talk about. I’m talking about Lucha Libre USA.  Haven’t heard about it? Well, here’s the brief synopsis as presented on their website .   Get ready to experience the Mexican phenomenon that has developed a cult following around the world —Lucha Libre. This raucous, masked wrestling experience is coming to the United States, in English for the first time ever, on MTV2. Each week, Lucha Libre ...

WWE Viewers’ Choice: A Universal Delusion

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 8 - 2010
WWE dubbed the latest episode of RAW as Viewers’ Choice Night. While some decisions were put into the hands of the WWE Universe, the options presented didn’t offer much debate among whom or what should be chosen. Yes, it was a night for the WWE Universe to be heard, but only after the WWE told you what to say. The first choice was made available to the arena audience. The participants had been decided by WWE—Edge vs. Randy Orton. Given Orton’s current arm/shoulder injury, the contest wouldn’t be a straight-up wrestling match. That’s where the first decision came into play. What kind ...

Decorating Our Champions: Wrestling’s 10 Best Belts

Posted by Slam Houston On June - 4 - 2010
Sometimes a particular championship will appear more significant based on the artful design of the actual belt carried by its rightful owner. Throughout the many years in wrestling history, the championship belt has evolved from simple buckles to the intricately jeweled masterpieces seen today. Let's look at some of the better belts as I formulate a ranking and bestow a champion among championship belts. (Credit to for some of these pictures.)Begin Slideshow
Have you ever been to a non-televised wrestling event that featured a championship title defense? I’m guessing that many of you have. But when was the last time a title changed hands at a non-televised event? A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a TNA Live event. The card featured six bouts with three of those being championship title defenses. So in all honesty, the results for half of these matches were undeniably obvious. I can say I’ve attended several non-televised events that featured championship title defenses. I’ve seen Hulk Hogan retain his World Championship against the likes ...

Wrestling’s Top 10 Channel-Changing Superstars

Posted by Slam Houston On May - 25 - 2010
I often feel compelled to change the channel whenever certain superstars appear on my television screen. So wouldn't it be a treat to rank them in a traditional Top 10 list? Of course it would. This is my personal Top 10 which I'm sure many of you will disagree with. And what's with the picture of Rey Mysterio? Surely he didn't make the list. Or did he?Begin Slideshow

WWE: Batista Traded To TNA (Satire)

Posted by Slam Houston On May - 24 - 2010
In a shocking development engineered by the masterminds at World Wrestling Entertainment, Batista has been traded to TNA. In return, TNA will send two of their most promising stars to WWE: Jay Lethal and Samoa Joe. Of course, this is not true, but what if it was? What if headlines of this variety were as commonplace in wrestling as they are in “real” sports? Sports stars are often traded from one team to another based on their contract status, their age, or the chemistry within their current organization. It makes sense to deal someone with an expiring contract before they walk and you’re ...