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WWE’s Road To Wrestlemania XXVII:What We’ve Learned After 2-21-11

Posted by Stefan A. On February - 22 - 2011
With Wrestlemania XXVII less than six weeks away the Road To Wrestlemania officially begins to heat up among the WWE Universe. After The Rock was confirmed as the show's guest host, many Wrestlemania rumors and predictions begin to run rampant. After the Elimination Chamber PPV and February 21st edition of Monday Night RAW, many insights on Wrestlemania became clear. This year's Wrestlemania has the potential to be one of the best we've seen in years if properly booked. The following slides will analyze many things we learned heading into Wrestlemania after watching Elimination Chamber and 2-21-11 edition of RAW.Begin Slideshow
It is the first day of summer and this means the road to SummerSlam 2010 officially begins. Last year's SummerSlam had great quality matches, which also saw the long-awaited returns of Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. After the Fatal 4 Way PPV and RAW's first summer show, I've decided to post possible scenarios that may possibly happen this summer, leading up to SummerSlam. WARNING: The remaining slides of this slideshow may contain spoilers for future storylines.Begin Slideshow

Breaking News: Batista Headed To Strikeforce MMA

Posted by Stefan A. On June - 21 - 2010 broke the story on Monday morning that former WWE superstar Dave Batista is becoming a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter. The 6'5", 290 lb Batista was in Hollywood over the weekend where he told TMZ that he's headed to the Strikeforce MMA promotion, home of another former WWE Bobby Lashley. Batista even told the TMZ camera guy that he already has his first fight lined up, but can't comment on it just yet. There have been rumors for months that the 41-year-old Batista would be following in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. Now, it's official.   link to video: ...

Seven Things That Can Improve TNA

Posted by Stefan A. On June - 15 - 2010
Before I start off this wonderful article , I'll like to link it too the original site where it was posted: <>.   1. Build stars. Don't buy them. Yes, I'm aware that technically speaking all talents came from somewhere else at some point in time, be it the WCW, WWE, WWF, ECW, NWA, New Japan, etc., but no where in the wrestling industry is a company more discredited for signing on-the-declines, recent-releases or has-beens than than TNA. While in theory this isn't much of an issue as free agents are free agents, and talent is ...

Post-Draft: Possible Matchups & Thoughts

Posted by Stefan A. On April - 27 - 2010
Every year WWE decides to shake things up by holding an annual draft. Since the roster split, WWE has held a draft since 2004. We have seen John Cena take the WWE Championship to RAW in 2005, and Batista take the World Heavyweight Championship to Smackdown. In 2007, WWE held their first-ever tri-branded draft. During the 2008 draft, three championships switched brands. In 2009, 36 wrestlers were given new homes. In 2010, we've seen more than a few shocks, and, as many Smackdown fans like myself will tell you, we got robbed at the draft. Our first two draft picks were Big Show and ...

2010 WWE Draft: Pre-Draft Analysis

Posted by Stefan A. On April - 23 - 2010
For the past years,we WWE fans have seen many main eventers switch from RAW to Smackdown adding a little spice to each show. We have also seen many mid-card wrestlers get drafted to the opposing brand, and became a success and slowly developed into a superstar. Who could've forgot about the draft of 2005 when John Cena switched from Smackdown to RAW, and became the biggest star in WWE. Or the 2008 draft when Triple H was drafted to Smackdown but was drafted back in 2009. What does this year's draft have in store for us?Begin Slideshow

Top 12 Future WWE Stars

Posted by Stefan A. On April - 3 - 2010
**Stefan Shares His First Post And Inside Thoughts With The Bleacher Report World** With the departure of Shawn Michaels, and many other old wrestlers, and the coming up retirements of greats like Undertaker, Triple H, and many more in WWE, we've seen many promising young stars who would soon make way into the main event scene. I've put together a slide show acknowledging personally who I think would end up becoming the next Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, etc. wrestlingnonstop.ning.comBegin Slideshow