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WWE: Five Segments with the Muppets That Need to Happen

Posted by T. Schaefer On October - 15 - 2011
The Muppets hold a special place in my heart, so when I heard that the Muppets were going to guest-host the Halloween edition of Raw, the little kid in me cheered like an eight-year-old rooting for John Cena hitting the Attitude Adjustment.Ultimately the question became, however, how does one use such legendary characters properly on a wrestling show? They really can't wrestle, and the spots have to be done so you don't see them being manipulated by the "muppeteers." More or less, this will be a backstage-heavy show, I'm sure, but it has possibilities. There are a few segments that will ...

WWE SmackDown 10/14/11: The Good, the Bad and the Meh

Posted by T. Schaefer On October - 15 - 2011
WWE SmackDown came from Dallas, Texas.   As always, hit up Kaleb's Kelchner's blog if you need a recap. Needing some recovery from a universally panned Raw and to build towards the Vengeance PPV next week, the show needed a strong performance, more or less, to build some momentum for the Mexico tour.  How did they do? The Good: + Opening segment.  Short, sweet and to the point.  Simply to announce to the opening Battle Royal to commemorate SmackDown becoming the No. 2 longest running episodic program, or whatever.  Lauri is tolerable in small doses.  + Battle Royale.  An orgy of violence ...

WWE SmackDown 10/07/11: The Good, the Bad and the Meh

Posted by T. Schaefer On October - 8 - 2011
WWE SmackDown came from beautiful Biloxi, Mississippi.  Coming on the heels of the Hell In A Cell PPV, it would deal with the aftermath of both the PPV, and the infamous "walk out" by the roster on Raw. Overall, the show needed a ton of explanations, a lot of matches and some good old fashioned storytelling.   How did they do?  Let's find out.   The Good: + No Michael Cole on Raw?  During the Cara/Del Rio match, Cole said he would not be on Raw unless Triple H stepped down.  Given that Triple H isn't apparently stepping down, I sincerely hope Cole ...

WWE: WWE Superstars "Cancelled" Online Due to Declining Viewership.

Posted by T. Schaefer On September - 24 - 2011
On Thursday evening, after a long day of work, I planned to chill with my laptop, eat some mediocre Chinese food and see Tyson Kidd and Ted DiBiase, Jr. have a battle that, in my mind, would be entertaining. However, as such things go, I guess, the WWE had other plans.As noted:"WWE has canceled the online airings of WWE Superstars via and I am told the company has pulled it due to a declining amount of viewers. The series will still air internationally and obviously is a candidate to return Stateside when the WWE Network debuts."The ...

WWE SmackDown 09/23/11: The Good, the Bad and the Meh.

Posted by T. Schaefer On September - 24 - 2011
WWE SmackDown came from Dayton, Ohio tonight.  If you need a recap, hit up Kaleb Kelchner's excellent recap.  Let's get on with it. The Good: + Sheamus/Slater.  Quick match that served to put Sheamus over.  Nice to see Slater get some offense in, though, which is a little bit of a change.  Sheamus seems to be developing his own "Five Moves of Doom". + Gabriel/Barrett.  Another quick match to put over Wade.  I'm a little surprised they had Gabriel job clean, but Barrett needed the victory more then Justin.  Not really much else to say, but was a bit of fun. ...