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A New Disease is Born: The World Heavyweight Championship

Posted by The Rookie On July - 27 - 2009
In 2002, the World Heavyweight Championship was introduced to the WWE and Triple H was the first holder of the title, and now we've seen a World title change dang near every PPV... The World Heavyweight Championship is like a disease, it's being passed around to everyone and it's a shame... So now I'll show you what has happened to the World title each time after a new World Champion is introduced...

WWE’s Most Underrated Matches of This Decade

Posted by The Rookie On July - 10 - 2009
Hello, I'm, "The Rookie" WWE has many matches which some can be what you call "overrated" and some can be "underrated"... Today, I've brought this article to your attention, because I'd like to share great matches that don't get appreciated as much as others, yet they were just as good or maybe even better... So uh... Well... Without further ado... Let's get started...

Most Overhyped Matches in WWE History

Posted by The Rookie On July - 9 - 2009
WWE has had it's fair share of classics... Still, as much classics WWE has had, it's also had it's fair share of disappointments... In this article I've written about some of the most overhyped matches in the history of WWE, most of them actually coming during this decade... So without further ado... Let's get started...