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The Lost Art Forms of the WWE

Posted by tim ogden On July - 22 - 2009
The WWE has evolved in almost every aspect. It has gone from a small business to a global behemoth. It has had wrestlers move on and become movie stars and has even had movie stars become wrestlers. From a small stadium in New York to thousands yearly in and out of the United States no one could have predicted the near rocket propelled growth that his company has achieved. Evolution is the key to success of WWE but many of us often over the look the evolution in the ring itself. We tend to lose site of how wrestling used to be ...

What Is Your First WWE Expierence?

Posted by tim ogden On July - 20 - 2009
Every WWE fan has one particular memory that is close their heart, one memory which introduced them to the world of professional wrestling. It is a moment that caused many of us to sit in front of our TV every Monday night and cheer for our heroes or scream at our favorite villains. I want to know what your first experience was, what caused you to become a fan of wrestling? The year was 1993, the even was King of the Ring, and the place was Dayton, Ohio (my home town). The WWE had a very unique idea which was ...

10 Classic WWE Moments

Posted by tim ogden On July - 15 - 2009
Many wrestling fans have one particular moment which they remember as being the greatest WWE / WCW moment...These moments include Mankind falling off the cage, The Undertaker Sacraficing Stone Cold or even DX torturing Mr. Mcmahon...but some moments are lost...the moments that we wanted to forget...the moments that cause us to bite our teeth and think to ourselves...who made this crap up? As we look back at these classic Wrestling moments...This Slideshow is dedicated to the classic WWE moments which made us smile...laugh....and mostly....cry...enjoy!

WWE Fans Should Stop Re-Living the Past

Posted by tim ogden On July - 14 - 2009
I have noticed a current trend among most articles and comments written by WWE fans, and that is the reference to the "what was" and "what used to be." I can't help but disagree with them more on the subject of going back to the Attitude Era or any other times in the WWE. This article is for everyone to realize that dwelling about past glory of what was, will not result in a better future. Many of you know The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, X-Pac, The Undertaker, and many other superstars that we love. Have you forgotten the long path of mediocrity that ...