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WrestleMania XXX: Clash of the Titans?

Posted by Toby Fox On March - 18 - 2011
During my browsing of the Internet, I came across this very interesting short clip of John Cena regarding himself at WrestleMania 30.Video For those of you who may not be able to access the video, it is a clip of John Cena answering the question, "Who would you like to headline WrestleMania 30 with?" Interestingly enough, he replied that he would like to challenge the Undertaker for The Streak at WrestleMania 30.This could be absolutely huge, the face of the WWE versus the living legend of the company. The near unbeatable John Cena and the Phenom the Undertaker who currently holds a perfect ...

WWE Reality Check Volume 6: The Best Promos of 2009-Present

Posted by Toby Fox On March - 12 - 2011
As it stands, I have now been watching WWE programming for just over two years. I remember the very first episode I saw was of RAW, when Randy Orton punted Vince McMahon in the skull.The intensity, characters and passion of the stars drew me in and got me addicted to this frantic and exciting phenomenon. Already I have seen numerous great matches but personally I find what really sells the story is the characters involved.Their character development, reasons and thoughts really add a personal touch to their feuds which is why the best ones have both great matches and talking instead ...
SPOILER FOR ANY TNA VIEWERS As the majority of Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) fans will know by now, there was a great deal of speculation flying around about the "Icon" Sting finally joining the WWE on  21/2/11 after a series of cryptic video promos were attributed to him by many.As fate would have it, though, Sting has re-signed with TNA and is now their new world champion. Since then, there has been some debate amongst Bleacher readers saying that he either is wasting away his career in TNA and others say he would be selling out by finally joining Vince McMahon and crew.Seeing how this ...

WWE Reality Check, Volume 4: The Wrestlemania Undercard

Posted by Toby Fox On February - 16 - 2011
  IF YOU HAVE NOT YET WATCHED THIS WEEKS RAW BE WARNED OF SPOILERS AHEAD. GO AND WATCH THE AWESOMENESS OF ITS ENDING RIGHT NOW!   Wrestlemania 27 has suddenly gone from looking like the dourest Wrestlemania in recent memory to potentially the greatest one in all of its glorious history. The uppercard of Wrestlemania looks to be filled with possibilities: John Cena, Randy Orton, The Miz, CM Punk, Edge, Alberto Del Rio and THE ROCK :). This is not including SCSA, Sting, HBK, Diesel, Booker T, a returning Evan Bourne, a returning Christian, a returning Evan Bourne, a returning Chris Jericho, a ...
During my browsing of various wrestling news sites, I came across this If the content involved is genuine, then this is a thrilling look into the WWE and certainly offers up some interesting what-if scenarios.   Sorry for the short article but the real content is in the link. What does everyone think?Read more Pro Wrestling news on

WWE Reality Check, Volume 3: The Broken Face of the Heels in WWE

Posted by Toby Fox On January - 19 - 2011
Right now I have yet another bone to pick with the WWE creative team. The majority of readers will likely have noticed this to so please excuse my article/rant. The problem I have with WWE creative at the moment is simple, the bad guys/heels NEVER win a feud. Ever. When a face and a heel of equal standing get in the ring together, you can bet that the heel will not win cleanly which completely ruins the story lines and makes them predictable. The heels may win squash matches as Alberto Del Rio has been doing with R-truth, but when against Rey Mysterio, an ...
According to the esteemed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, Brock Lesnar may be leaving the world of MMA to return to the WWE as he actively seeks the Undertaker for a Wrestlemania match.Having lost to Cain Velasquez in a recent bout, Lesnar had been rumoured to be rethinking his career path. These rumours were strengthened following a verbal interaction with the Deadman after his loss in which he was asked if he "wanted to do it."Meltzer further reports that Lesnar has distanced himself from UFC president Dana White, has not returned to training and is actively seeking a multi-million dollar pay day at WrestleMania.Lesnar is ...

Pro Wrestling: Huge Development In Jeff Hardy Court Case

Posted by Toby Fox On December - 27 - 2010
According to the Charlotte Observer of North Carolina, Jeff Hardy will plead guilty to the charges levied against him last year regarding possession of illegal drugs. This could potentially lead to a jail sentence for Jeff Hardy, which would almost certainly lead to him being stripped of the TNA world title. What with the arrival of his baby daughter recently this news is made all the sadder. Here's hoping that this is a wake-up call to him that he has a responsibility to himself, his family and his fans to get clean and fix his life.Read more Pro Wrestling news on

The Reason Kaval Was Released From WWE

Posted by Toby Fox On December - 23 - 2010
Apparently, the official reason behind the release of Kaval from the WWE was unsurprisingly because the creative team did not have any future plans for him. The release appeared to be a mutual decision between Kaval and the company, and was in effect earlier this week and was just announced today. Kaval will most likely be subject to the WWE 90 day no-compete-clause for released superstars, so don't expect him to appear in TNA or ROH in the immediate future. In my less than professional opinion, I have to say that this is utter BS! Why would you sign somebody just to release ...

That Time Of Year: Wrestlemania Rumors

Posted by Toby Fox On December - 21 - 2010
Just a quick article.   According to, current creative plans calls for the Cena-Punk feud which begun last night to continue up to Wrestlemania 27 as Punk plans to return to action in the immediate future. Whilst it is unlikely that anything is set in stone as of now, what does everyone think of this possible impending feud? I for one am slightly apprehensive, seeing how Cena will 99.99999999 percent of the time come out on top. I am not looking forward to seeing CM Punk buried after his debacle with the Big Show. more Pro Wrestling news on