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WWE: Weekly Awards Results

Posted by Tom Harvey On March - 19 - 2011
This is the first set of results for my weekly WWE awards show, and it was a success.I got a few of you voting, and hopefully more will this week. I'm behind schedule on this slideshow, but the results are finally in. I have tallied up the votes, and now you get to see who the B/R wrestling community voted for in last weeks awards.Lets get cracking!Begin Slideshow

WWE: Weekly Awards

Posted by Tom Harvey On March - 12 - 2011
I've decided to start an awards thing on B/R. Every week, on Saturday, there will be a slideshow with the awards and the nominees. People can vote from when I post it, 'til midnight on Thursday. The article with the winners will have my choice, and your choice, so make sure you vote!This is the first time I've done something like this, and it could go terribly wrong, so if you have any suggestions for awards or changes to my articles please comment below.On with the show!Begin Slideshow
Let's get straight to the news:   - There has recently been numerous reports of MVP leaving the dub because he is unhappy about his current position in the company. Well, it is now being reported that there is backstage heat on him as he has been complaining about younger talent taking the push he believes he deserves. Matt Hardy is clearly influencing some of the veterans. - Speaking of vets hating the youth movement, Chris Jericho has recently talked about Kevin Nash's comments on the WWE's youth movement. For those that missed Nash's comments, he basically said that it ...

5 Reasons To Watch WWE’s Bragging Rights

Posted by Tom Harvey On October - 17 - 2010
Haven't written anything for a while, but have decided to today, mainly due to boredom.I have made a list of reasons why people should order WWE's second "Bragging Rights" PPV next sunday. I like the idea of this PPV, as it shows us which show is better, although the trophy was, in the end, meaningless as it has only been shown on tv twice (that I know of).Anyway, let's get into the reasons!Begin Slideshow
Haven't written an article for B/R in a couple of weeks so I may be a little rusty: Two promo posters  have recently been released, one for WWE's Night of Champions and the other for TNA's No Surrender. They can been seen at these links respectively: MTV's Lucha Libre: Masked Warriors has advertised that former WWE Superstar Carlito Colon  will be appearing in their show in Las Vegas on August 7. Former WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels was backstage at last weeks' RAW in San Antonio, Texas. "The Heartbreak Kid" posted this on his Twitter page: "It was great to see all the WWE cast and crew Monday night in [San Antonio]. Momma ...

WWE RAW: Top Five Future Main-Eventers

Posted by Tom Harvey On July - 25 - 2010
This is the first of two slideshows I'll make about the future of the WWE. With some top WWE veterans retiring soon, the WWE needs to look for new talent. In this slideshow I will look at RAW! talent and who I think should be main-eventers in the next few years. These are the people I believe are able to replace big names like HHH and Edge in the next few years. Enjoy!Begin Slideshow
It is being reported that several multi-generation wrestlers in WWE's developmental territories are worried that their name's will be changed when/if they get called up to the main roster. Because of numerous recent name changes by the WWE, like Husky Harris (named Alex/Duke Rotundo in FCW) and Michael McGillicutty (real name Joe Hennig), first generation superstars are worried their children might have to endure name changes as well. Jeff Jarrett has been making hints at a surprise at the Victory Road PPV on his Twitter account. He has provided photo hints at the following links: anyone has decipher them, please tell ...

Steamboat Update, SummerSlam, NXT Rookie, And More.

Posted by Tom Harvey On July - 9 - 2010
Eric Bischoff recently wrote on his facebook blog that he won't be appearing on next weeks TNA due to prior commitments. What he's doing was not stated in the blog. Jim Ross recently posted this on his Twitter account: "Steamboat out of ICU and should be released from Tampa hospital in a few days. Should be good to go in a month." I'm sure I speak for everyone on B/R when I say we wish you all the best Ricky, and hope you have a speedy recovery. TNA Knockout Velvet Sky's salary has recently been raised. She signed a long term contract ...
Yesterday, Steve Austin tweeted on the RAW GM angle which was used on last Monday's RAW, stating, "I missed it, but it sounded like an interesting RAW." I don't think anyone really believed Austin would be GM after all the rumours about Abraham Washington, Triple H, The Rock, etc., but now it's a certainty he's not the GM—maybe. In other news, a Women's Championship match was added to the Money in the Bank PPV during the SmackDown taping yesterday. Layla will defend her title against Kelly Kelly. This will most likely just be a filler match, with Layla retaining. This is all the ...