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How Would You Change TNA? A Challenge to IWC and Bleacher Report

Posted by troy smith On April - 22 - 2011
This is a challenge to all of the wrestling writers on Bleacher Report and to the IWC in general. I constantly read the articles and hear the wrestling pundits saying that TNA needs to make changes. What annoys me is that I NEVER hear specifics. People say be different from WWE. OK. How? What would you do that WWE doesn't do? Why would you do it and why do you think it would be a successful business model? Just because it's different from WWE doesn't mean it will achieve that level of success that you want.  Those idiots that do ...
TNA Lockdown is this Sunday, live from Cincinnati Ohio.TNA has a built up several good matches for its yearly all-steel-cage pay-per-view. The card looks good on paper and several of the matches are highly anticipated by the fans.Most notably, the world title match between Sting, Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson, the women’s title match of Mickie James vs. Madison Rayne and the two-out-of-three falls match between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett.This article will cover five reasons why Lockdown had better not be a letdown.Begin Slideshow
I got into a discussion with some other wrestling fans this week, and I’d like to hear your opinion on it the topic we discussed.The statement that I made was this: When you really get down to the truth of the matter, past all the bull about bookers, and veterans, and WWE rejects, the IWC wants TNA to just be Ring of Honor with a bigger budget.  However, that isn’t what TNA wants to be. They want to be on par with WWE. They want to be what WCW was in 1997 and 1998. They want mainstream attention. They want ...

5 Things That Wrestling Fans Need to Accept

Posted by troy smith On March - 19 - 2011
Sometimes the wrestling fans annoy me. Actually a lot of the time wrestling fans annoy me. Sometimes you need to fight the fight. But some things, you just have to accept. Here are few things that I think wrestling fans need to accept. You may not like it, but trust me, you'll be better off for it.Also, there will be a hot photo of Gail Kim at the end.Begin Slideshow
About two months ago the rumors were abound that Kevin Nash and Booker T would be returning to TNA to reform the Main Event Mafia. However, they instead returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble. Booker has since become a commentator on Smackdown. We haven’t seen Nash on TV but it’s rumored that he has signed a legends deal. The IWC got several weeks of conversation out of this. From discussions on what they would do in WWE to discussions about if the move was good or bad for TNA. However, one very important discussion that I haven’t heard anyone talk ...

5 Things the IWC Says That Annoy and Confuse Me

Posted by troy smith On March - 1 - 2011
This is a list of 5 things that I hear the Internet Wrestling Community says. Each of these things either annoy me or confuse me. Some do both. If you can explain any of these to me, please do so in the comment section. Also, since yesterday was a holiday here in Korea and I got the day off from work, there will be a Gail Kim photo spread at the end.Begin Slideshow

Is there an identity for TNA?

Posted by troy smith On February - 27 - 2011
I ask this question because the IWC always complains about TNA copying WWE. In many cases those complaints are justified. But, one thing they say that always leaves me puzzled is “TNA needs to be TNA”  Well, what does that mean?An identity is unique. I am my own person and I don’t let others dictate who I am.It seems as though whenever people talk about what TNA should be, it is dictated by what WWE is. Is that it? Do you just want TNA to do whatever WWE isn’t doing? How can they grow as a company with that mentality?Some say ...

TNA Wrestling: Five Reasons Why an ‘Attitude’ Era Won’t Work

Posted by troy smith On February - 26 - 2011
I got a lot of good feedback for my first article. Some agreed with me, but others didn’t. That’s what I expected. I hope to bring you many more articles in the future.Many people believe that TNA Wrestling needs a new direction. There are different theories thrown around.One that I think would be a big mistake is the idea that TNA needs an “attitude” era.I think this would be a big mistake and as a long-time TNA fan, I don’t like that they seem to be going down that road.Here are five reasons why I feel that Total Nonstop “Attitude” ...

Five Double Standards Against TNA

Posted by troy smith On February - 25 - 2011
Introduction: This is my first article here on Bleacher Report so first, a little bit about me.My name is Troy Smith. I'm 25 years old. I'm from the USA, but I currently live in South Korea. I've been a lifelong wrestling fan.My current favorite wrestling shows are TNA Impact and WWE Raw. I also enjoy NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. These are five things that I see as double standards. For some reason, when WWE does these things, it’s okay. However, when TNA does them, they get bashed for it.Begin Slideshow