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Undertaker vs. Cena: Wrestlemania Match for the Two Most Overrated Wrestlers

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On November - 2 - 2010
Panic is in the air!  Will the Undertaker be ready in time for Wrestlemania 27?  What is going to happen if The Undertaker doesn't make it to Wrestlemania?  Oh No!  What shall we do?  I'm pretty sure we will survive.  Let's face it, The Undertaker is going to retire soon.  He is not getting any younger and the injuries will only add up.  Time is not of the Deadman's side. And I think we will be better off without an Undertaker match at Wrestlemania.  Instead of forcing the same old storylines (i.e. Kane vs Undertaker) down our throats, WWE Creative will have ...

WWE: Can’t Get Brock Lesnar, Why Not Kimbo Slice?

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On October - 29 - 2010
There was recent buzz about a potential Undertaker vs. Lesnar match for Wrestlemania 27.  Dana White has denied this and this has left many of us disappointed.  There is always a possibility that this may change, but I wouldn't hold out hope. So, now it is time to move on.  The top contenders for the hot match-up at Wrestlemania 27 are Kane, Cena and Sheamus.  Are you excited about this?  Me neither.  Let me introduce to you a different idea.  The man who should face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27 is.... Kimbo Slice. This is an idea that could work. Kimbo Slice is ...

WWE: Why John Morrison Is the Future of the WWE

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On October - 29 - 2010
WWE is in a slump at the moment with the current face of the company losing his bright star. So who can the WWE turn to in this time of need? Well, it is none other than John Morrison. Morrison is a former ECW, three-time Intercontinental and former WWE and World tag team champion. Morrison has the looks and moves to take the company to new heights. John Morrison has shown that he is very capable of hanging with the main eventers. 2009 was the year of Morrison showing a strong rise on SmackDown. He put on great matches with Rey Mysterio ...

No Guts, No Glory: Why WWE is Failing

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On October - 29 - 2010
WWE is in a very strange place right now. There have been some changes, and it is becoming clear the organization is worried about its current state. However, the company has not gone far enough to make the product something worth watching again.  This is because WWE is just unwilling to make changes. As it is said in this PG-era, WWE doesn't have the "guts" to make the necessary changes.  A prime example of this unwillingness is the angle between Nexus and John Cena. There was a lot of speculation on a potential Cena heel-turn. Many articles were written on this topic, and ...

A Guide for Change in the WWE

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On August - 20 - 2010
The WWE is in a creative low at the moment.  WWE doesn't seem to know what to from one minute to the next.  It appears as if some ideas are just thrown out in the open in hopes that one of them will be a success. Change is needed now in order fr this company to grow and please the fans.The following is a list of ideas that WWE should follow in order to make some positive changes.Begin Slideshow

Dear WWE: Quit Wasting Morrison

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On August - 19 - 2010
John Morrison is the complete package. Morrison is the real and truly the Guru of Greatness, and yet, WWE seems to waste this talented star.  2009 was truly a great year for Morrison. After a split with the Miz, Morrison turned face and perfomed very well on SmackDown! Great matches were shown, and Morrison's stats and stardom were growing. The Shaman of Sexy won the Intercontinental title for the third time and held the belt for a few months.  And then, something happened and Morrison had a turn for the worse. He lost the title and started to jobbing to Drew ...

WWE: Divas Division in Disarray

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On July - 8 - 2010
What in the world is going on with the Divas? They are a hitting a new low, week in and week out, and all we can do is hope that Beth Phoenix or Melina come back to action sooner rather than later. While this decline has been going on for years (and especially within the last few months since Mickie James was released by the company), the large problems seem to hit constant lows. There are no real feuds going on at the moment. Of course, we have a Diva winning a title and then losing it to another Diva. Then, the ...

WWE: The Time Is Now For John Morrison

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On June - 23 - 2010
Strange things are afoot in the WWE.  Ok, this is a similar line used in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but this statement is true. With top stars dropping like flies due to injuries or personal issues, WWE seems to be pushing the wrong guys.  We have seen a push for Evan Bourne and titles given to Jack Swagger and Sheamus.  And while these are talented men, they are not right for the main event picture.  There is a man who is dubbed The Shaman of Sexy and the Guru of Greatness and he has been with the company for some time.  He is a ...

Over the Limit: A Waste of Money?

Posted by Viggo Drakuvich On May - 21 - 2010
It's time for another WWE pay-per-view and I'm not really looking forward to it.  For me, WWE PPVs are a time where I meet up with friends and party the night away with wrestling and fun.  But there just seems to be something lacking with these PPVs.  It seems like we are watching the same thing over and over and the creative juices are just not flowing.  So I am forced to ask: Is it worth the money to buy the Over The Limit pay-per-view? At $54.95 (HD of course, $44.95 for standard definition), this is nothing to sneeze at.  I usually watch each ...