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I Quit: Top 10 I Quit Matches In The History of Wrestling

Posted by vikky vikram On May - 27 - 2010
In World of Wrestling there is not much worse than getting pinned by an opponent than actually saying the words "I Quit." For wrestlers to actually volunteer and quit themselves was embarrassing and they had to be beat and battered like never before to actually admit that. Thus, the "I Quit" match is one of the most popular in sports entertainment, Here is a look at the top ten "I Quit" matches of all time. Same as other times this list comprises of my own opinions, so please give your suggestions, hates and likes. I’ll be waiting to hear all your comments. Begin ...

WWE Over The Limit 2010 Predictions

Posted by vikky vikram On May - 20 - 2010
At Over the Limit a few feuds should come to an end and a couple are perhaps only beginning. I'm VERY glad they didn't put some stupid gimmick theme into this. I hate the gimmick pay per views. Anyway, when you look at this card on paper, it has a TON of potential. Here are some predictions as to what might go down at the pay per view. And don’t give your predictions through the comments. Begin Slideshow

Hey Yo WOOOOOOOOO: The Best 25 Wrestling Catchphrases of all Time

Posted by vikky vikram On April - 25 - 2010
In wrestling we have seen great matches, but before the wrestlers battle it out inside the squared-circle, they trash-talk each other, week after week, in promos and interview segments. Throughout the years there have many memorable segments, some good, some bad, but what makes a good promo stand out is having a good catchphrase to get the audience involved and give the wrestler a trademark. There are many famous catch phrases through out the history of wrestling. Here I given some of the greatest catchphrases, which I would think you all like. I didn't done any brief reviews, i have just given ...

Unforgettable Moves to The Dark Side: 25 Great Heel Turns Of All Time

Posted by vikky vikram On April - 14 - 2010
WHEN THINGS ARE GOING BAD or ratings are needed, one of the most called upon angles in wrestling is the heel turn. The heel turn dates back to the earliest days of the sport, and almost every wrestler, at one time or another, has made the dastardly pivot from baby face to bad guy--or vice versa. A heel turn can re-ignite a career or jump-start an emerging superstar. The most common reasons for the heel turns are jealousy, money, and women, the latter usually a big reason for tag-team partners to split. ...

Top Ten Greatest Moments in WCW History

Posted by vikky vikram On April - 11 - 2010
WCW has been gone for over 10 years, but it doesn’t seem that long. Still people relive the glory days where WCW topped the Monday night wars beating WWF. This article is dedicated to preserving the memory of the greatest wrestling company ever, WCW. This article had the ten greatest moments that made them so great during mid 90’s and it also had some from their darkest late 90’s after losing in Monday night wars. I hope you all like this, if you have anything to say about this article please comment below.Begin Slideshow

10 Best Ring Announcers of All Time

Posted by vikky vikram On April - 9 - 2010
Wrestling is full of entertainment, and I feel all the outlining factors of wrestling, whether it is an arena, stage, or anything else, should add something to the event. This is why Ring Announcers are a key element to this sport, which is why I created a list of the 10 best ring announcers of all time. For those of you who don't know— A ring announcer, announces a Wrestler as they come down the isle. He also stands in the ring, and announces the names, weights and hometowns (even if it's kayfabe), to the fans. Don’t look for ...
Well, Wrestling, no matter what anybody says is meant to be a war between good and evil. The brave baby faces endure endless torment by the brutal heels before making the big comeback and showing the world that, yes, good does sometimes win out over evil. But without evil, is there really even a good? Without heels, wrestling would be a pretty boring affair, populated by a bunch of goofs in their underwear rolling around with each other. Wrestling is at its best when it engages the emotions, pumping the crowd up with hate, anger, fear and the seething urge ...

My Top 10 Dream WWE Feuds

Posted by vikky vikram On March - 6 - 2010
When I see the promo video for Taker and HBK at wrestle mania on last episode of smack down. I started to think about the dream feuds which i had in my minds. The feuds were always great, so i created my opinion here, I firmly believes these feuds have great potential to entertain us in all ways. So feel free to comment your opinions. Begin Slideshow