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"A year and a half ago I spoke about being just a spoke on the wheel...Now I am the wheel!"                            ~ CM Punk A year and a half ago, CM Punk, an often overlooked, underused and undervalued well of talent, sat atop the entrance to the coliseum of the WWE universe and unleashed a scathing proclamation against the very foundation that built the grounds in which he sat.His disdain, anger and hatred for the current direction, hypocrisy, ideas and policies that plagued the WWE extended from his lips into the waiting ears of those who longed to hear ...

The John Cena Syndrome, the Cure & Society’s Negative Stigma

Posted by William Gullo On July - 3 - 2012
"Hester Prynne received public damnation while wearing a scarlet letter. Lebron James received mountains of hate while wearing a smile and championship ring. Tiger Woods received giant wagging, scolding fingers of public shame while wearing different women. The Yankees received outcries of hatred while wearing pinstripes, and John Cena received copious amounts of jeers while wearing a goofy, cartoonish green outfit."  It's only natural that society, for better or worse, tends to dissent against those who, whether through their own actions or not, go against the grain of public opinion, morals and unwritten code, or achieve more than others deem ...
Is Everyone excited for Money in the Bank?I know I am... Is everyone excited to see if their predictions come true?So am I! Is everyone ready to see their favorite WWE superstars compete for the opportunity to win the elusive Money in the Bank contract?Of course! Who's excited for CM Punk vs. John Cena?This guy is! Is everyone ready to watch which door the WWE will open and lead us through?I'm scared... and you all should be, too. Here are five reasons why Money in the Bank could spell the demise of the WWE.Begin Slideshow