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Impact Times Three: Multiple Shows in One TNA Broadcast

Posted by Andy Stern On January - 5 - 2010
Last night's show was a chance for TNA to show its true colors—and its potential as a wrestling company. What we received was three shows: one with TNA talent, another featuring the friends of Hulk Hogan and former WWE/WCW talent, and a third made up of various segments that did not fit with the rest of the broadcast. The following is a review of the show, split into what came across to me as the two main portions, and then a review of the segments that didn't seem to fit anywhere else. Show No. 1 On this portion of the broadcast we had ...

Why the TLC PPV Disappointed

Posted by Andy Stern On December - 14 - 2009
Tonight's WWE Pay-Per-View offering shows why the company is in such a dismal state, at least from a fan's perspective. It wasn't so long ago that the TLC concept was a vehicle for bringing new talent to the forefront. It used to be the pinnacle of a long-running storyline, showcasing talent's ability to perform death-defying athletic and acrobatic maneuvers, and in the process giving credence to every wrestler taking part in the match. But tonight's entire show revolved around the format in some way or another, and not one match on the card truly lived up to the stature of TLC matches ...

Is TNA Ready for a New War?

Posted by Andy Stern On December - 6 - 2009
On Monday, January 4 at 8pm, TNA will be delivering a live broadcast of Impact going head to head with Monday Night Raw. Dixie Carter claims that TNA is "...firing that first shot". But that statement was made a few years ago by two members of the TNA roster, Kip and BG James, when they created the Voodoo Kin Mafia, or VKM for short—in reference to Vince McMahon's initials. VKM was on a tirade to start a war with WWE ala D-Generation X from the late '90s. The "war" angle didn't last long, and we never saw much of anything substantial ...

An Open Letter to WWE: How To ‘Re-Brand’ ECW

Posted by Andy Stern On December - 3 - 2009
An Open Letter to Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment: Dear Mr. McMahon, I have recently heard rumors that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the SyFy network are discussing a re-branding of ECW. While I know many rumors on the Internet are often based on little truth, I felt that I had to write something to you about this—not only because I am a concerned fan, but because I have actually been desperately seeking a format change to the show for the last two years. Back in 2005, when WWE introduced the first ever ECW One Night Stand pay per view (PPV), I ...