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Endless Possibilities for Smackdown!: The True “A” Show of WWE

Posted by Danny Starry On July - 10 - 2009

I just finished watching this Friday Night’s Smackdown!, and I found myself thinking, “Now what would I do from here?”

I actually had quite a few different ideas for many of the different feuds, which pleases me, since Raw is going nowhere fast right now.

Before I go any further, let me say that I watched Smackdown! on YouTube, so it may not have aired where you live yet. I will be giving away the endings to some of the matches, so stop reading if you are waiting to watch it.

Smackdown! opened with Jeff Hardy coming out with an eye patch on, mocking CM Punk. After a short promo, Kane came out and had a match with Hardy. Kane had the advantage for the majority of the match, but towards the end, Hardy got the upper hand.

Just as Hardy was about to hit a Swanton Bomb, CM Punk’s music hits and out comes Punk, staring Hardy down. Hardy is distracted long enough to allow Kane to get up and hit a chokeslam from the top rope.

Kane then gets the win over the No. 1 contender via pinfall.

I didn’t really think much of this result, since it made sense that Punk would want to mess with Hardy and cause him to lose. I got a strange idea later on in the show, however, after Punk’s match.

Later in the show, Punk faced The Great Khali. Khali had the advantage for most of the match, but then Kane came out, holding a chair. Khali looked shocked for a bit while Punk slid out of the ring.

Ranjin Singh gave Khali a chair, and the two monsters had a bit of a stand-off in the ring. Kane struck first, but Khali stood strong. Khali then punched Kane’s chair away and got a bit of revenge by giving Kane a chair shot.

I wrote earlier that we might be seeing the beginning of a monster versus monster feud between Kane and Khali. This would be beyond boring, if you ask me, however, I thought of something that would spice it up quite a bit.

What if Punk and Hardy joined the feud? Punk and Kane could team against Hardy and Khali. The two high-flyers would provide the “wow” factor, and the two monsters would provide us with the power moves.

It makes sense, too. Khali and Kane have been at ends with each other, and Hardy recently lost to Kane due to interference from Punk. Punk also was losing in his match until Kane showed up.

Kane and Punk have been helping each other, why not let Hardy and Khali help each other?

There is the small matter of Punk holding the World Heavyweight Championship currently. Now, I wouldn’t mind him holding a title and tagging with Kane at the same time, but WWE doesn’t seem to like tag members holding other titles, or being involved in a title hunt, for that matter.

Give the title to John Morrison or Chris Jericho, and let them feud. Morrison said to Teddy that he wanted to challenge the winner of Punk vs. Hardy. Teddy seems to like Morrison, so he should set that up.

Jericho will want to also be in the main event now that his tag partner, Edge, is injured. It would be interesting to see him hold all four tag titles by himself, though.

Sure, Jericho could get a new partner, but I don’t really want WWE to just throw together any tag team they can just to keep the titles on Jericho. He’s better in the singles, if you ask me.

Dolph Ziggler beat John Morrison in a singles match in true heel fashion. Ziggler got a roll-up and held Morrison’s tights for the three-count. This, of course, leads the viewers to believe that Ziggler should be in the main event over Morrison.

There’s a problem with that, though.

Ziggler and Jericho are both heels. WWE doesn’t do heel vs. heel feuds, especially for the big titles. So, for the WHC, I’ll keep Morrison vs. Jericho.

But what to do with Ziggler?

Ziggler has talent and plays a great heel. Where do we need a heel? In the intercontinental championship hunt.

Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho had a great feud, but Mysterio just retained against Jericho, allowing a new heel to start feuding for the title.

Ziggler also attacked Mysterio after his match with Jericho, setting up the start of a feud.

It all fits.

Plus, Joe Burgett mentioned that Ziggler was going to start on the IC path soon, so that’s also where I got this idea.

Well, thats what I would do if I was one of the writers. Agree? Disagree? Different ideas? I’d love to hear them.

As always, thanks for reading and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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