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Knockout Spotlight: Tara AKA Victoria

Posted by Christi Lott On June - 24 - 2009

Like Raisha Saeed, I can not talk about Tara without talking about the woman behind the name, Victoria. A name change doesn’t change what she represents to wrestling, so I will be referring to Tara as Victoria.


Why she’s good:

Victoria is a veteran of wrestling. Victoria came to rise during the attitude era, a time still considered the peak of women’s wrestling. With great looks and an extremely physical and aggressive move-set, Victoria quickly rose to the tops of lots of people’s lists as a great talent.

To this day she is one of two Divas to have ever wrestled in a cage match. She hit her highest peak when she turned into a vicious heel, most memorably after a bikini contest on RAW. The woman with, to me, the best finisher in wrestling is entering TNA where she can be nothing short of a great addition, especially in helping the roster improve.


Why she’s bad:

Like many great women wrestlers covered, her bad wasn’t really her fault. Although her past history is great and impressive, the most recent history people have in mind when thinking of Victoria is not very good. The WWE turned her into a stumbling comedy routine simply used to put their new faces over.

Although I respect Victoria for taking that role, because in essence, working with her was nothing but good for those who did, it did nothing for her, especially with more years left under her belt. Watching her lose a retirement match was not like watching Flair lose a retirement match. You know there was more she had to offer, and working for one company wasn’t going to show that.


What Victoria brings to TNA:

History. Despite recent history, Victoria brings nothing but good things. She’s coming with years and years of experience in the big league, and can help the Knockouts roster fully become better than the WWE. For those who have been fans of her in the ups and downs of her WWE run, she is bringing evidence that she is truly one of the greats, and that there is still more webs of greatness to weave for this black widow.

Next week I take a look at WWE’s Bella Twins and Maria. Stay tuned.

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