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The Raw Report and Commentary

Posted by Ethan Huggins On June - 29 - 2009

Just 24 hours ago, The Bash had a great array of twist and turns. How will everything turn out? Join me as I report tonight’s Monday Night Raw, post-Bash.

Vince McMahon comes out to welcome a special guest tonight: none other than Batista. He announces a four man Night of Champions tournament for the number one contender ship for the WWE Title. First it’s John Cena vs. The Miz and the second match is MVP vs. Triple H.

This brings out the Legacy and they are not happy. Batista makes Orton a match tonight, a three on one gauntlet match.

Night of Champions Tournament Match One: MVP vs. Triple H

Winner: Triple H

Wow, a curtin jerker for Triple H. I would never’d believed it. Not the greatest match in the world, but enough to get through with it. I hope Trip doesn’t face Orton again for the 9451246 time.


Unified Tag Title Match: Chris Jericho and Edge(champions) vs. The Colons(Primo and Carlito)

Winners: Still Tag Champs, Chris Jericho, and Edge

Another great tag match, a rare feat for the E. Nice to see that the division is not entirely dead after all. Nice back and forth action. A little short in time, but I love to see how this little feud will grow.


Night of Champions Tournament Match Two: John Cena vs. The Miz

Winner: John Cena

No surprise there. A hell of a lot better than last night’s match. Great action and great time. Looks like a big main event next week. Where is Raw held at next week? It sure is going to be a good match between Cena and Trip.


Diva’s Fatal Four Way for the Number One Contender ship: Kelly Kelly vs. Mickie James vs. Rosa Mendes vs. Beth Phoenix

Winner: Mickie James

Filler, just eye candy for the guys. Nice to see Mickie get a push for the belt though.


Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston

Winner: Draw (Double Count-out)

What in the blue hell is that? A three plus minute double count-out? Put an angle in there or sometime if you want to fill in time. Don’t show this pitiful garbage. This is almost as bad as TNA.

The Main Event: Three-on-One Gauntlet Match: Randy Orton vs. Evan Bourne, Jake Swagger, and Mark Henry

Winner: Mark Henry

Oh, just so close, yet so far. Nice to see Bourne and Swagger move to Raw, not so much with Henry. Good bout for the first two and a squash for the last, literally. Okay, just okay.

Overall: Not the greatest Raw, but not very, very bad. Match of the night was easily the tag match. Great stuff there. Also the Cena-Miz match was good too. Everything else, not so much. Next week’s main event should be very good as Triple H goes against John Cena for the number one contender ship for the WWE Title. Tune in next year to see who wins.

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