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The Shoot: Professional Wrestling’s Weekly Recap

Posted by Geoffrey Rowland On July - 13 - 2009

WWE Set To Go Green; TNA Still Muddled

It was another week of nothing, but taped television for wrestling, which leaves me looking forward to a live edition of RAW tonight featuring Seth Green as the host.



I am not really sure where RAW is going on a weekly basis, but I must say I like some of the fresh feuds we are going to get following Trump’s big “trade.”

I really like the possibilities with a Jack Swagger vs. MVP feud as both of these guys are ready to get a solid push up to the next level.

Swagger simply is a star. He is going to be a multi-time World Champ probably in the near future and we could see a ton of Swagger, Cena, and Orton over the next few years on RAW.

I thought the Triple H. vs. John Cena match was very well done and think that these two almost always work well when they get in the ring together. I know much of the Internet fan base seems to dislike these guys, but both of them put on a good show and the fans pay to see them.

I am fairly happy with the fact that they are adding a little intrigue to the Legacy ranks and making sure to have Dibiase and Rhodes involved in pursuit of the Tag Team Championship.

It seemed silly for them to both be content in just being henchmen and getting nothing out of it. Giving them some gold to chase makes the entire faction more believable.

I think it’s likely that we see Priceless get the tag titles put on their wastes in some angle tonight, considering we all know that Edge is out until probably March with a recent injury in a house show.

As for the rest of Smackdown!…the show is pure gold almost every week.

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio put on another great match on this week’s edition and it appears that feud has run its course as they moved Dolph Ziggler into the upper mid-card by having him pick a fight with the high-flying Intercontinental Champion.

The CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy feud continues to be the best thing going in wrestling right now.

Punk’s slow heel turn is nice in the day and age of the “swerve” turns that we are supposed to believe happened over night. I think that this feud could change drastically based on Hardy signing a contract or not, but either way I will enjoy every second of it.

These guys are both extremely charismatic in the ring and both put on a good show.

I guess I should really be shaking my head at the Khali and Kane feud that is brewing, but for some reason it does not really bother me. I think it could be a good chance to get Kane back over as a serious heel and then move him into the upper echelon of the show.

I am curious to see exactly where the company feels John Morrison fits in, because he certainly seems primed for a move to the top of the card. His matches are excellent, his charisma is palpable and the fans have really latched onto his face turn full force.

On to tonight’s festivities.

I am very interested to see what they are going to do with Seth Green on RAW. He just does not seem like a wrestling fit and I don’t always like non-wrestling personnel involved in wrestling storylines as they look out of place.

It will be interesting to see exactly how much Green gets involved tonight.



What is there to say about TNA really?

Somehow, they switch people from face to heel on a weekly basis, but they still seem stale.

It’s almost chaotic, really.

In the last year A.J. Styles, Sting, Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Booker T., Team 3D, Motor City Machine Guns, Awesome Kong, Eric Young, Mick Foley, and Beer Money Inc., have all been a face and a heel at separate points.

That is simply ridiculous. 

They need to get some sort of continuity from week to week, and when we are not even sure who the good guys and bad guys are it makes it nearly impossible.

I think the Samoa Joe heel turn has been super boring up to this point. They still expect me to believe that he did it all for money? And to help take out Sting?

It just doesn’t make any sense.

I am terrified that they are going to end up revealing the Joe turn to be a “double-swerve” and have him turn face again by blowing up the Main Event Mafia. Of course, this would not be horrible to get things going in a different direction, but it would be indicative of the lazy, shock writing we have come to expect from TNA.

This company seems to desperately need to make a splash with a big name or something to really keep people from tuning out, but I don’t know who is out there really.

I imagine after Victory Road Kevin Nash will hold the Legend’s title, Steiner and Booker will hold the tag titles and Angle will retain the World Heavyweight crown. This will put Main Event Mafia on top with all the titles they can hold, but will be about six months too late.

You are supposed to put all the titles on a “dominant” faction early so that the good guys can struggle and struggle to get it all back. Instead, we have seen this faction grow stale and will now have to deal with them having all of the gold.


Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor television was pretty solid this week as they continue a feud between reigning ROH World Champion Austin Aries and the man he defeated, Jerry Lynn.

In a six-man tag match featuring the two of them, Aries played the perfect heel role by ducking Lynn throughout and helping his team secure a dirty win.

I really wish this company could catch a break and get a little more TV exposure, because they certainly have a lot of talent and wrestlers who like to wrestle more than just be a show.


Weekly Rankings

Not too many changes, but we are going to move Edge out due to his injury and a few others are going to jumble spots.

WWE—1. Jeff Hardy 2. CM Punk (WHC) 3. Randy Orton (WWE) 4. Chris Jericho 5. John Cena 6. Triple H. 7. Rey Mysterio (IC) 8. Jack Swagger 9. Christian 10. Priceless

TNA—1. Kurt Angle (TNA) 2. A.J. Styles (LEG.) 3. Sting 4. Samoa Joe 5. Suicide (XD) 6. Jeff Jarrett 7. Booker T. 8. Daniels 9. Beer Money Inc. (Tag) 10. Tara (KO)

Tag Teams—1. Beer Money Inc. 2. Priceless 3. Team 3D 4. The Hart Dynasty 5. Scott Steiner and Booker T. 6. Motor City Machine Guns 7. The British Invasion 8. The American Wolves (ROH Tag) 9. Cryme Tyme 10. Lethal Consequences

Overall—1. Jeff Hardy 2. CM Punk 3. Kurt Angle 4. Randy Orton 5. Chris Jericho 6. A.J. Styles 7. John Cena 8. Austin Aries (ROH Champ) 9. Triple H. 10. Sting

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