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Why TNA is Not WCW or WWE

Posted by Dan Telek On June - 16 - 2009

I have been reading a lot of articles recently, maybe too many, how TNA is just going to die like WCW. They also say how TNA is just a copy of WCW and I am here to tell why TNA is not just another WCW remake.

The main reason why people compare TNA to WCW is because of the talent involved. I can only think of seven stars on the active roster who are from WCW:

  • Booker T
  • Daffney
  • Jeff Jarrett
  • Kevin Nash
  • Scott Steiner
  • Shane Douglas
  • Sting

Is that really that many? Only two are featured in the main event picture and that is Jeff Jarrett and Sting.

Everyone complains that Mick Foley is holding the title, but wasn’t the build up genius? He gave the Hardcore History segments, which reminded us how hardcore and crazy he was. So far, Foley’s talking has made him a great champion, but he does not wrestle regularly enough to be a Heavyweight Champion.

Also many say that TNA should go through an “Attitude Era”. My question is: Why?

TNA is supposed to be an alternative to WWE and doing what the competition did to become popular means nothing. It lacks creativity and originality.  Also, Impact is shown on Thursdays and has no WWE show to compete with, which would cause no purpose of an Attitude Era.

Many complain that TNA does not push it’s younger stars like WCW did. Well let me ask you this. Name any TNA young stars that actually deserve the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

There is A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe. And there is Robert Roode and Kaz?

A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe are the only TNA Originals deserving a title shot and they are both in the Slammiversary King of the Mountain match.

People say the likes of Eric Young, Matt Morgan, Lethal Consequences, and the Motor City Machine Guns should be in the TNA main events. I know all of them are exciting to watch, but do any of them actually deserve a TNA Championship push? Maybe a Legends or X-Division shot, but World Heavyweight?

Eric Young is just starting a promising heel turn, but he has only held tag team gold and hasn’t even been X-Division Champion. Young needs to be built more as a heel before he could be more of a main eventer.

Jay Lethal has been a three time X-Division Champion and was Tag Team Champion for a forgettable three days and is only 23, which is a pro and a con in itself. He is young and entertaining, but does not have enough experience to be a main eventer.

Consequences Creed has barely been a TNA superstar for over a year. Creed should be more focused as a tag team and X-Division competitor.

Matt Morgan is obviously in the midst of a push and we need to see where it goes. Morgan is a legitimate giant and could be a great face in the main event.

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are both talkers and wrestlers, but they are X-Division royalty. They have done nothing in recent memory to constitute them as TNA main eventers.

If TNA is WCW, then let’s compare an average Nitro to an average Impact.

The show would begin with some crappy nWo segment. Impact always begins with a segment with whoever is in the Heavyweight Championship title picture.

Every single week of Nitro consisted of the WCW Championship changing hands and were monotonous because they happened each week. It is special whenever the TNA Championship is defended.

People always say WWE does this and TNA doesn’t do this. Well, shouldn’t we be happy about that? TNA is trying to be an alternative to WWE.

These are the same people who complain how Raw sucks right now and that WWE should go back to the Attitude Era and stop being PG. Half of you people do not even watch TNA and see Mick Foley as champion and just make guesses.

I hope I have convinced some of you or change some of your opinions.

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