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This may be the most important thing I ever write…..

“People hate what they do not understand.”

Many a wrestling fan wonder why people dislike wrestling. I myself enjoy all sports. I watch baseball and basketball with my grandfather and will sit down and watch football with my dad. I like all sports. Wrestling however, has always been my favorite.

Calling professional wrestling a sport has been a topic of huge controversy. Many believe that because it is scripted and “made up” that it cannot be called a sport even though it does require training and talent.

This argument’s biggest blow is that it has no element of actual competition and they are 100 percent right. So the sports fans hate us and everything we love about wrestling.

Maybe professional wrestling is just entertainment. However the media has never been good for the WWE, with talk of death and steroid use being the most talked about wrestling item on the news shows.

I love how they fail to mention WWE’s tireless humanitarian work with “Make a Wish” and how they go overseas every year during Christmas. Great, so the entertainment world hates us too.

WWE claims to be “Sports Entertainment”, but both the sports world and entertainment world want nothing to do with professional wrestling? What is the problem?

Why does it have such a bad reputation? Why do people hate professional wrestling? I think I know now. They hate it because they do not understand it and they can’t figure it out.

Its much like my High School. I’m made fun of and ridiculed by the jocks and the preps because I’m not like them and they don’t understand me. They can’t figure me out so they cast me aside and make fun of me.

I think I told the linebacker of my High School football team to go suck on the Reciever’s “you know what” (get it?). Good thing I can run fast.

When you hate something it is because you do not like something about it. Dislike and like is measured by your understanding of something.

I like History class because I understand it. I dislike Math because I do not understand it, but I would not make fun of my Math teacher or any student who liked it.

I do not understand it, so I am in no place to judge. Just like people who do not like wrestling are in place to judge me for liking it.

It’s just like how someone of a different race or religion should not judge someone because of their different beliefs.

Anyways, the reason people hate wrestling is because they can’t figure it out. They don’t understand why we watch a sport that has no real competition. In addition, they refuse to have an open mind and try and understand the concept.

I myself have told none of my friends that I watch wrestling, just so I don’t have to hear the jokes and the ridicule and explain to them why I enjoy it. 

Its almost like a variety show. It has everything that anyone could love about entertainment and sports. It has what that one Disney Channel girl calls “the best of both worlds.”

Professional Wrestling is called all sorts of things by sports fans and people who watch Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty, but the bottom line is that if you do not understand something, then you are in no position to judge it.

An open mind and optimism are very beautiful things and should not be wasted on stupid statements meant to hurt people.

If more people in the world took time to understand things instead of hating them for being what they are then maybe there wouldn’t be war and religious intolerance.

Maybe the World could benefit from a 16-year-old with a keyboard, a good lesson, and a big mouth.

Don’t judge someone based on their religion, race, or because they watch Professional Wrestling. We, as humans, should be smarter than that.

Take the time to understand……instead of hate.

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