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Wells Fargo sold out about 70 to 80 percent of the lower bowl, so about 9,000-10,000 people were there. Angelina Fong was the RA.


MVP def. Matt Hardy for a shot at the WWE US Title later in the night.

MVP was over with the crowd, Hardy got a mixed reaction, Matt wasn’t wearing his cast, but had a hand brace on, to heal it more, I guess.

Bad match, Hardy couldn’t keep up, like as if he was half-asleep.

Funny spot in the beginning of the match in which Hardy did jumping jacks, the MVP was lying on the ropes like Eddie Guerrero, then Matt did it when MVP got up, then when Matt was outside, MVP did jumping jacks and push-ups.

MVP won with a Playmaker.


The Miz def. Goldust w/Hornswoggle.

The Miz came out and cut a promo, saying he was “_ and 0” against Cena, Goldust came in to a good reaction. After the match Miz kicked ‘Swoggle in the gut.

The Miz won with a WMD DDT.


Seamus O’Shaunessy def. Jamie Noble

Seamus came out and he was white as a ghost! (not joking) Then to put a joke on himself he said, “It looks like you’ve seen a ghost!” Noble came out to a face reaction.

Seamus won with a Powerslam.


Santino Marella def. THE Brian Kendrick.

Santino came out to a face pop, Kendrick was the heel, and I said to myself, “Kendrick kinda looks like Kurt Cobain with his new look.”

Santino won with a roll-up.


Intermission, Fong invited two kids and they threw out T-Shirts, and Fong said that you can have Cena sign the picture of him they have at the shop or whatever, and it seemed like the people were booing after they heard Cena’s name.


Kofi Kingston (c) def. MVP to retain the US Title.

Good match, lots of cheers for Kofi and MVP, Kofi hit a Frog Splash during the match, but MVP put his knee’s up.

Kofi won with the Trouble in Paradise.


John Cena def. The Miz.

The Miz came out and cut a promo and said “I’m so-and-so” against Cena and said he’d go “so-and-so” against him tonight, Cena came out to a HUGE reaction and I was thinking to myself  “you people booed when his name came up, so why are you cheering for him?”

Second-best match of then night, lots of offense from Miz (see where this is going?)

Cena won with the F-U, the miracle win as usual; after getting beaten down he wins.


The Colons (c) def. The Legacy by DQ to retain the Tag Titles.

Legacy came out to their “Priceless” theme, thought they would have came out to their new theme, both cut a promo saying that the Colons should just hand over the belts. Good match though.

Colons won after getting hit by chairs. There was a spot when DiBiase got tossed outside and hit the ring bell with his forearm.


Brie Bella def. Maryse in a non-title Diva’s match.

Both Divas got face reactions, mainly Maryse, usual divas match, slow, boring, crowd was dead throughout the whole show.

Brie won after Nikki came and distracted Maryse. The Bellas celebrated in the ring as the always do.


Triple H def. Randy Orton (c) by DQ; Orton retains WWE Championship.

Orton got a huge heel reaction, I cheered for him though, HHH got the biggest reaction of the night. Both men were on fire throughout the whole match, there were a few spots, with one being Randy doing is arm’s taunt and a crowd member said something to Randy, then Orton just spat into the crowd, and I laughed, Jericho probably would have said “Shut the hell up!”.

Randy went for a RKO, but HHH reversed, then he hit the second one, and HHH screwed up on a Pedigree and Orton reversed it, then HHH hit the second Pedigree.

Hunter won after DiBiase and Rhodes came down and attacked HHH to stop him from pinning Orton. There was a spot in the match in which Orton tossed Hunter to the outside, and Hunter hit the ring bell. Cena came out to help HHH from being attacked and Cena hit a F-U on Rhodes, and Hunter hit a Pedigree on DiBiase.

After the match, both men celebrated in the ring by going on the turnbuckles and did taunts to the crowd.


After the event, when me, my dad, and my brother left we saw where the wrestlers parked their cars, and fans were bombarding them, and a white cube car came behind us and my dad  wondered who the jerk was who pulled behind us was, so I looked behind me and Hornswoggle was in the car!

My dad and my brother didn’t believe me so we waited until we got to a highway where it separates and we waited until the car passed next to us and we REALLY did see Hornswoggle in the passenger seat of the car!

I didn’t get photographic evidence because my cell phone can’t take pictures when its dark/night time out, and we didn’t have out digital camera because we didn’t know we would be in that situation.


Overall the event was good, kinda TNAish with the way it was booked, but great event overall.

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