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WWE Smackdown Results for April 20, 2012

Posted by Vincent Stephens On April - 21 - 2012

Daniel Bryan opened the show. He said that Sheamus cheated to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and talked about he was going to win it back at Extreme Rules.

AJ came out and Daniel asked her to leave, but she refused. AJ wanted to talk about their problems, and Daniel said that she was the problem. Daniel Bryan wished that AJ was never born and told her that he would never take her back. Daniel walked out and left AJ in the ring.


Match 1: AJ vs. Natalya

AJ was distraught after the situation with Daniel Bryan and took her anger and frustration out on Natalya. AJ got disqualified because she would not stop beating Natalya. 


Match 2: Brodus Clay vs. Hunico

After the bell, big Brodus Clay started shaking in front of Hunico. Hornswoggle got into the ring and mimicked Brodus Clay with the shaking. Hunico knocked him down. 

Brodus Clay got Hunico in the corner and delivered a few hits and kicks. Brodus then gave Hunico a backdrop. Brodus with a Suplex and a belly flop. Brodus covered for the win.


In the back, Matt Striker was talking to Randy Orton about last week and about Kane‘s destruction. Randy said that his father will be fine in time, but he could not say the same about Kane. Randy said that his match with Kane at Extreme Rules will be a falls count anywhere match.


Match 3: Jimmy & Jey Uso vs. Titus O’Neal & Darren Young

Jimmy Uso and Darren Young started the match. Darren hit Jimmy with a few clotheslines. Jimmy tagged in Jey Uso. Jey quickly took down Darren Young. Jey had complete control over Darren. Jey tagged in Jimmy and they double-teamed Darren. Jimmy covered for a for a two-count.

Jimmy charged at Darren, but Darren got his leg up. Darren started stomping on Jimmy. Darren tagged in Titus O’Neal and they double-teamed Jimmy. Titus covered for a two-count. Titus started stomping on Jimmy until the referee broke it up.

Titus delivered several right hands to Jimmy before making the tag to Darren. Darren delivered a few kicks to Jimmy Uso’s stomach. then took Jimmy down and covered for a two-count. Both men traded punches and kicks. Jimmy then made a tag.

Jey delivered a few clotheslines to Darren. Jey then kicked Darren in the stomach. Jey went for a pin and Titus broke it up. Jimmy went after Titus, but Titus moved. Jimmy went over the ropes and landed in the floor. Titus and Darren gave Jey a Hart Attack combo out of the corner. Titus covered for the win.


Match 4: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Big Show had the offense. Big Show gave Alberto some kicks, slaps and punches. Big Show hit Alberto with a Suplex. Big Show bounced off the ropes and hit Alberto with an elbow to the chest. Big Show covered for a two-count.

Alberto got Big Show off his feet and took control. Alberto with a kick  to Big Show’s head. Big Show tried to get back to his feet but Alberto kept kicking him back down. Alberto covered for a one-count.

Alberto went to work on Big Show’s arm with the arm breaker. Big Show got up and went for a choke slam but Alberto countered. Alberto kicked Big Show behind the knee taking him down. Alberto covered for a two-count.

Big Show made a comeback with a slap to the chest and a few clotheslines. Big Show delivered a powerful spear to Alberto Del Rio. Big Show went for another choke slam but Cody Rhodes interfered. Cody Rhodes delivered a disaster kick and Alberto covered for the win.

After Del Rio’s music played Cody continued the assault on Big Show. Big Show chased Cody Rhodes into the crowd.


Match 5: Danny Lerman (local talent) vs. Ryback

Danny gave a few good kicks to Ryback’s leg and Ryback took Danny down. This match lasted three minutes. Ryback delivered a few clotheslines and at least two suplexes. Ryback tossed Danny around like he was a rag doll. Ryback won the match.


Match 6: Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry & Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton & The Great Khali

Before The Great Khali could make it into the ring, Cody Rhodes came up behind and hit Khali behind the knee. With Khali injured and unable to fight, Big Show took his place.

Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes started the match. Randy beat Cody in the corner and then hit Cody with a clothesline. Randy covered for a one-count. Cody tagged in Daniel Bryan. Randy took Daniel down and tagged in Sheamus. As soon as Sheamus entered the ring, Daniel tagged in Cody.

Sheamus and Cody locked up. Sheamus broke the lock and gave Cody a powerhouse and covered for a one-count. Sheamus took Cody down and covered for a two-count.

Cody hit Sheamus out of the ring. Cody connected a slide kick under the bottom rope to Sheamus’s head. While Sheamus was down, Daniel ran over and kicked him. Daniel tagged in and put Sheamus back in the ring. Daniel gave Sheamus a series of kicks.

Daniel then tagged in Mark Henry. After Henry worked on Sheamus for a few minutes, he tagged in Cody. Cody put Sheamus in a submission hold but Sheamus broke free. Cody went for a move off the top rope but Sheamus hit him in the face. Sheamus made a tag to Randy.

Randy gave Cody a series of clotheslines. Randy Orton hit Cody with an RKO. Mark Henry came in and took Randy down. Cody covered for a two-count.. Cody tagged in Mark Henry. Henry put Orton in a vise grip. Orton gave a few hits to Mark Henry to release the grip and Henry connected with a headbutt. Henry made the tag to Daniel.

Daniel continued the assault on Randy Orton. Daniel got Orton down and covered for a two-count. Daniel climbed the ropes and jumped off but Orton moved. Orton tagged in The Big Show and Daniel tagged in Mark Henry.

Big Show gave Mark Henry a few clotheslines. Cody hit Big Show’s back and Henry took him down. Henry tagged in Cody. Cody continued the assault from earlier in the show on Big Show’s arm. Cody then tagged in Daniel. Daniel continued the assault, then tagged in Mark Henry.

Daniel held him down while Mark Henry kicked him. Mark then tagged in Cody. Cody applied the figure 4 but Big Show would not tap out. Cody tagged in Mark Henry who covered for a two-count. Henry then tagged in Daniel.

Daniel gave Big Show a lateral press and covered for a two-count. Big Show tagged in Sheamus who dominated Daniel. Sheamus got Daniel down and covered but Cody broke it up.

Big Show delivered a KO punch to Cody Rhodes. Daniel went for the Yes Lock on Sheamus, but Sheamus countered. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Daniel ducked and tagged in Mark Henry. Mark Henry delivered a powerful headbutt.

Sheamus connected the Brogue Kick to Henry’s head. Mark Henry landed on the bottom rope where Big Show gave him the KO punch. Sheamus tagged in Randy Orton who delivered a RKO on Mark Henry for the win.

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